Prompt request: m/m couple of a demon and a werewolf? Just them bring sort of… Gay and flirty and sweet yknow? Love ur stuff!!!!!!!!

oh man,,, more romance,,, i am,, So Good, ,,a,,,,, at the Romans™

“Who’s a good boy?!?!”

“It’s me. You’re a literal demon. I am the good boy in this relationship.”

-”So like, are you a furry, or am I a scaley?”


“Which one of us is the gross one, [X]?”


Could I have a few prompts where the hero and the villain are both crushing on eachother, but don’t realize the other has a crush on them? Tysm, i love your writing!!

romance yes

i know what romance is

-”Your costume makes your thighs look huge.” says the villain.

“You know what they say, bitch, thick thigh save lives,” snaps the hero “And that’s the whole point!”

-”Why are you at a concert anyway?”

“Well,” says the villain awkwardly “I overheard you talking to [different hero] about how expensive the tickets are so i figured if i crashed it you could just come anyway’“