“Looks like you’re in a rough spot, hero.” says the villain with sham sympathy “If only your friends would come and save you.”

“Wha- you’re very dramatic, you know that?” grumbles the hero, brushing snow off xir butt. Xe and the villain are hanging out in public, in their day wear “You could’ve just helped me up when I slipped.”

“Absolutely not. I am the hand of darkness.” sniffs the villain. Xir winter coat is lemon yellow “Now come on, the lines for popcorn are always long at this theatre and I don’t want to miss the beginning of the film.”


just thought i’d say that i actually really like that you use xe/xir and ze/zir pronouns in your posts because i’m really not used to them yet and seeing them regularly helps.

dabs birdily

hell yeah glad to be of service my guy

one of the reasons i decided to stick to first person singular gender neutral pronouns (wow thats a mouthful) is to get more practice with them myself, so i feel. there’s a bit of a learning curve but it gets a lot easier really quickly

how gay for one to decide even further to do more look like


Do you mean like the phrase ‘I’m gayer than expected/ previously anticipated’? 

Mostly, queer people use these phrases when seeing an attractive person of their preferred gender. It doesn’t really mean anything other than ‘wow that person is pretty and they’re the same/similar gender as I am so it’s gay pretty’

I use these phrases a lot.

hey! i’m writing a scene where a girls 2 love interests are fighting, and it’s gonna get real bloody and gross, but i want her to walk in a see it and try to make them stop, but i don’t know how she’d be able to do it since she’s not skilled in combat or anything? she tried throwing apples but they ignored it, she’s going to cry b/c they’re pm killing each other so now i need something with a bigger impact, preferably not having her faint and them come to her rescue lmao

oh my god love interests what the fuck

anyway if you want her to get them to stop throw violence, an untrained armed combatant is still dangerous to a trained unarmed combatant. Maybe not incredibly so, but enough that they’ll need to focus on her. 

also one of those airhorns that makes a loud noise might be a good option. Startling some people with a loud noise is probably a better option especially if they have combat experience and she doesnt.

Or she could like. Leave. Let the two take it out of each others hide. Fighting to the point of severely injuring each other should be their business- why does she have to provide the emotional labour in response to their physical violence?

She could also try and physically separate them by jumping on one of their backs. No combat training needed, though she might get thrown across the room a little/ a lottle

If she threw an apple and they ignored it she could trough something bigger. Haul a chair at a motherfucker. 

I hope this is what you wanted my guy