To everyone who is sharing their suicide manipulation stories, I wanna adopt all of you! I send you all love!

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im gonna sit on everyone like a chicken

but not a chicken a big old eldritch crow

i have an uncle who has been threatening suicide for… probably decades. he whines and complains that no one cares about him and no one comes to check on him, but when they do (i live on the east coast, he’s in tx so my cousins are closer) he never answers the door. he probably learned that from his father, who was a complete asshole and much the same way before he died, but that is a whole other nightmare.

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it can be really tough because it’s like you feel bad and i want to help but u refuse to acknowledge my efforts ajklf; it sucks

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My aunt threatens suicide on a regular basis for manipulation purposes. As someone who genuinely struggles with those kind of thoughts myself I find this prompt incredibly important and I support it.

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shit this is just

i wish i could offer more than a place to speak you know

im so fucking upset that this is so common why are people like this???

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it absolutely was, this wasn’t his first attempt. he’d tried carbon monoxide by sticking his head in an oven and fucked it up. great-grandmother left grandmother w him bc otherwise he’d have gone to the /amazon/ with her son, but wouldn’t if her daughter was with him so. it was a mess and he died the way he deserved.

honestly if there’s anyone who deserves rat poison it’s definitely the kind of rat that he was

my sister would call my mom at 3 am crying about how her ex would threaten to kill himself if she left him whenever she brought up the shitty stuff he did. it was really awful. she eventually broke up with him when he cheated on her but he would still call her and try to corner her irl to get her to forgive him bc ‘oh i was depressed i made a mistake’. YEARS later (like… 10+) when she was getting married he called her to try to convince her to get back together with him. it was really creepy.


i fucking hate that. why are people so terrible?? that is,,, absurdly close to what my person is doing (but thankfully, it’s someone who can’t access me irl nor someone i dated)

what is that guys problem?? how do people think this okay?? i’m just


like where the fuck do you get off treating people like that just

it’s not fair

As somebody who stills lives with a grandmother that threatens with suicide to manipulate us, I support the prompt. Sometimes people are shit and there’s nothing much you can do. It doesn’t make less valid people who struggle with suicidal thoughts to reach out and ask for help.

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sorry to hear you’re stuck in that kind of situation my guy 😦 i’m… really upset at how common this is tbh? i know some more people who are/have been in similar situations and it’s terrible and there’s more messages coming through and just


ugh i don’t know. there’s just something awful about people trying to control people who care about them through this sort of thing. i hate it.

everyone thinks abuse is about hurting the victim but i’ve very rarely heard or seen information about hurting oneself to control an empathetic person

and i mean on the most basic aspect- this is a writing blog. These are stories that people have. why shouldnt i make prompts about them? it’s not a prompt about depression, it’s a prompt about abuse

replied to your post “My ex threatened to kill herself the first three times I tried to…”

my great-grandfather did that, he died after drinking rat poison and refusing to receive treatment. also was an abusive bastard and threw a lit cigarette at my grandmother. my great-grandmother left him in the 1920s when that just wasn’t done, they lived in a widow’s colony for a while

i feel like this blog is about to become one of those cathartic discussions where everyone tells their story so block the tag ‘manipulative suicide’ if you don’t want that. everyone else feel free to get your manipulation stories off your chest

also fuck your great grandfather. was it kind of like ‘oh im going to die and ill let it happen if you don’t Come Back To Me so if i do die it’s Your Fault for not wanting to be hurt by me anymore’ ? gosh

some people will make their behaviour everyone elses fault even if that means marinating themselves in unhappiness and i hate it

My ex threatened to kill herself the first three times I tried to break up with her. She trapped me in an emotionally abusive relationship bc I thought she might actually do it— no matter that she completely degraded me in between. People using suicide as a weapon happens, even if it’s inconvenient for everyone else’s narrative


there are a lot of rl accounts of people threatening suicide or undergoing masochistic self harm rituals to emotionally manipulate a person into doing what they want. most of the time, if a person is using it as a weapon, they aren’t going to go through with it, but the threat of it is enough to make a more empathetic person stay in really really toxic situation. 

surprise manipulative, shitty people do manipulative, shitty things. Including stuff that might be inconvenient on a wider scale than just the person they’re targeting