“Everything is going to be alright, okay [X]? You don’t need to worry about it. I’ll take care of everything.”

“…Right.” xe agrees. Xe tries not to think about the conversation xe had with [Y], about how [Z] seems to be controlling every aspect of xir life, bout how much xe has begun to rely on [Z] without realizing it. “Hey, do you think I could-”

“[X], you should rest. Go sleep, beloved.”

manipulative supervillain dialogue


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some bonus content for y’all

-“I’m not stopping until you apologize for knowingly hurting my feelings. Everything that happens from here on out is your fault.”

-”You never forgave me. Didn’t even care. And you’re acting like I never cared.”

– ”I did some good things too, asshole. 

But you were never willing to even talk it out. Now I have someone else who won’t backstab me.”

– “There is no such thing as manipulation, only idiots who cry about their feelings getting hurt.”

– “You were my favorite.”

“But remember that one wrong move and xe’ll do the same thing to you. Condemn you. Over nothing.”

– “You want me to kill myself, don’t you? But until the blessed day when I’m rotting in the fucking ground, you’ll deal with me. Pitiful, pathetic garbage. I bet you’ll celebrate.

– “Yes, I’m fully aware that I’m a shitty person. I don’t need you people reminding me of that. Why I should curl up and die somewhere so I’ll stop annoying you. Lovely people, aren’t you?“


“If xe wants a goddamn villain, I’ll give them one.”

-”You know who this is.”

-”You must get off on my pain.”

-“You have no goddamn idea what it’s like to feel so terrible. “

-“I used to care. Now I don’t. And I won’t care until they care about me.”

It still hurts. I still hurt myself. And it makes you laugh. You love the pain you put me through.”

-”You had no intention of giving me another chance. So why should I let another person hurt me and get away with it?”

-”You don’t want to talk it out, so why should I stop? Why shouldn’t I retaliate?”

-”Xe’s making me look the the bad guy, acting like xe did nothing wrong! This is xir fault!”

-”Doesn’t my pain matter too? Xe’s making it look like this is all my fault!”