“Are you afraid? You don’t need to be.” says the villain “I’m not going to hurt you.”

The vigilante snorts.

“Has anyone ever said that to you, and meant it?” asks the villain “Tell me, has anyone taught you to trust?”

This is some straight up Reylo shit

…you’re right

Hey, yeah, my mom once basically threatened suicide after I asked, a couple months in advance, if I could go on vacation with a friend for a week, a vacation that said friend had offered to completely pay for my way. Didn’t announce I was going, simply asked if I could. I’m supposed to be leaving this house soon, permanently, but it’s hard because I’m absolutely afraid of what she’ll do when she discovers I’m gone. I’m terrified of what or who she’ll hurt because she’ll be mad I’m gone.

<lays on you>

anyway im going to fight your mom. get out anon- what she does in response (if she does anything at all) to that is her problem. itll be better once you go