“I’m glad you’re all here to watch me suffer because i enjoy whining to an audience.”

im glad so many of y’all are reblogging this with ‘me’ and such in the tag because this was me last night in the discord

literally i was worried i was being too #dramatic so i put it up on here for all ur #drama needs



Hey guys! Sketch commissions are open!! All prices are in CAD. I’m starting off with 5 slots, first come first serve.

I will do: Oc’s (with reference), suggestive stuff, underwear pictures, outfit designs, monsters ect.

will not do: kissing on the mouth, blatant sexual pictures, anything involving eye injury, complicated robots/machinery

For portraits: You can pick between the lined style and the painterly style

You must: Have a pay pal. I’ll be using the invoice feature. Payment will be half upfront and half upon completion.

Have references if I’m to be doing an oc, either in drawing form or in detailed text description.

Add on half the starting price for additional characters (so 15, 22.50, 30 for two person pictures)

I’d also like to tag on: I’d totally be up to doing custom acrylic work that’s something you’re interested in


Part two of the voltron aesthetics series! This is Keith! Next is Pidge, then Hunk, then Lance. Shiro’s is here. Same as with the last painting, I used sfx paints, so it changes depending on the light (the blade of mamora symbol turns blue!)

The paintings will be for sale once I finish them. I don’t have an exact price set yet, but if you’re seriously interested you can contact me for an estimate so you know how much to start saving.

Please reblog this so other people can see the painting and possibly get interested!