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-”I enjoy it,” the torture smiles “I love the tears, the gore, the smell. All of it. Hedonism in it’s finest.”

-”There’s such beauty in the world!” the hero turns, grinning widely at the villain “There is such good and beauty all around us. All I’ve ever wanted is to make more of it.”

The villain smiles tiredly at the hero. It wasn’t fair that someone so good was already doomed to die.

-”I’m gonna climb that like a tree.”

“The nymph?”

“Yeah. It’s funny, right?”

-Every morning when you wake up, you check the mirror and see something staring back at you from inside your eyes. There’s no name for it, no words to describe it, but you know who it is. And you refuse to be afraid.

-”Listen, xe is very small, and very soft. Xe likes you, for some unknown reason, so I’m sure there’s something good in you somewhere. Be good to xir, child, or i will destroy you.”

-”People like to figure that in a threesome, at least one of us is responsible. Nope- we’re all just different shades of batshit.”

-”Doesn’t that hurt.”

“Better than the pain of complacency.”

-”Somehow, I don’t think I’m going to offer the rescue you desire. I can kill you here, where you stand, or let you go and watch as something else comes along to rip you to shreds. Which one do you want.”

-”I won’t die here. I won’t.”

“You’ll continue on, then?”

“I’ll get it done.”

bonus donation prompts

3 bonus prompts! seriously thank you so so so much I wasn’t really expecting it at all it it made my entire day ❤ ❤ ❤

there’s gonna be an added list prompt after this because i do one prompt per donation until I hit 5, then you get a list post and you (you beautiful fucker you) donated 4 at once which brings us up to five

-Write about the NSA agent watching this blog and my search history (I’m currently writing about psychological torture for an advice post) because let’s be real, there probably is one (hi!)

-”What if we’ve got the wrong idea. Prophecies, are tricky, you know.” says the oracle “There’s not any reason why we aren’t what we’re trying to stop.”

-”Dear- dear, open your eyes. It’s safe now. It’s all safe- we’re safe. I’ve killed the bad things, so please just. Open your eyes.”

“Don’t cry my love- it distracts from the beauty of your eyes.”

I work at a Tim H’s. Will birb exchange prompts on a pair of twins being the ‘shoulder angel and devil’ for their best friend who may or may not be about to make a terrible life decision w/ a coyote for coffee and baked good?

i’m answering this one now even tho i just got it because it’s a fairly easy request and i want coffee

seriously pls give me the coffee i have a donate link here 

(nah but seriously for real you dont have to donate if you don’t want to lmao)

devil twin- [X] best friend [Y] angel twin [Z]

-”C’mon, look at it’s cute face! You should pet it.”

“It’s a wild animal leave it alone.”

“Fluffy~~ so so fluffy~~”

-”You’re a terrible influence [X]”

“You make such a cute little sinner, though.”

-”I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to follow wild animals into the woods.”

“Haven’t you ever read a fairytale, [Z]?”

“Yeah, the ones with the fae.”

-”[Y], [Y], what’s with the coyote?”

“Well I wanted to ask your advice-”

“Mine, or [Z]’s?”

-”That isn’t a dog.”

“You should name it ‘sergei deathkiller’“

[X] no.”

-”You’d think by now you’d’ve learned not to listen to what [X] has to say.”

“As if you’re any better.”

“I have a more defined set of morals, at least.”

“Those morals being ‘hedonism’?”

-”God can you imagine the sheer fuckery those two can create when they team up?”

“Yeah, I’d say I’m pretty familiar with that.” 

the coyote snoozes peacefully on [Y]’s feet.

-”You know I was gonna ask for advice on something but first- [Z], are you okay like is that paint or-”

“Paint! red paint! There was an issue. Why are you asking us for advice don’t you remember what happened last-”

“So what’s up, [Y]?”

-”Oh my god is that a dog?”

“Well, sort of-”

Who’s a good wild animals?? It’s you! You are!!”

“That’s so cute I may vomit.”

Hey can I get prompts for a sassy hacker, an incredibly angry smoke creature, and a sniper who is fed up with both of them? As a person who wants to write something with these characters but has no ideas, all of them will probably be used.

oh my god this sounds like a clusterfuck i love it

hacker- X smoke- Y sniper- Z

-”Okay the phrase ‘go blow smoke up your ass is now banned’-”


-”Oh my god you two what the fuck-”

“Xe started it! They chorused over the smoking remains of the kitchen

-”Oh gosh ok, Y fuck off before you ruin my set up-”

“Fuck you-”

“I have a job to do you smoky bastard.”

-”So, Z, how’re your roommates?”

“Stab me.”

-”X, Y, you two need to smarten up or I swear to god-”

“It’s not my fault-”

“You put a no smoking sign on your door-”

Oh my god-”

-”Is this the part where we make out?”

“I’m mostly incorporeal.”

“I could awkwardly gasp at your vapours.”

-”I’m gonna shoot both you.”

“Wouldn’t bother me any.”

-”Stop setting off the fire alarm!”

“Stop being a soggy pistachio.”

-”I’m gonna stab a fucker.”

“Can you even hold knives?”

What are some deep and philosophical things you’ve learned over the years?

Do you want actual wisdom or me typing butts over and over again? Also you make me sound so old. I’m 18 man, I live at home. I’m still learning my place in the world, you know?

Anyway, so far in my life these are the kind of things i try to live by:

Being kind is a ridiculous amount of work but it comes with it’s own rewards. Don’t mistake kindness for complacency. 

A lot of standard philosophical ideologies are rooted in ableism and racism. Find your own path.

Happiness that causes others misery isn’t happiness

The world is a shitty, shitty place. There’s always good, though, and there’s never so much good that your contribution doesn’t mean anything

Any reason to help others is a good reason, even if that reason is petty or spiteful

I could use some prompts about two characters, one a knife collector who constantly wants to use xir knives and one who has to keep the knife collector from using the knives.

honestly I’m both of these characters

-”I guess it’s time to st-”

“STAY HYDRATED!! Haha, that’s right kids dehydration is very serious and we need to have a talk.”

-”She’s beautiful.”

“It’s a knife.”

She’s beautiful.”

-”If I stabbed a homophobe with a rainbow plated knife would-”

“It’d be homicide.”

“It’d be homocide.”

-”X, pass me your knife. I’m going to flay this fucker.”

“Get your own knif- woah, holy shit okay.”

-”Give me the knife.”

“Who says I have a knife?”

“You’re right, Give me the knives.”

-”Did you have a knife day?”

“My day was great, thanks for asking.”

“No, a knife day. What’d you buy?”

-”What the fuck put it back”

Swords are just long knives when you think about it.”

“Put it back!”

“It’s mine now.”

-”My superpower is knives.”

“Hi batman.”

-”Is that a swarovski crystal letter opener?”


Loose fandom plots i didnt want to queue

Because Not Everyone Likes The Shit I Like

anyway, I’m not a very good fanfic writer so here’s some inspo if you want. These are Au’s I’m likely not going to write, or aus I plan on doing ~something for~, but would like to see more content of

I stuck to two plots per fandom because I’m a fucking au factory

Fandoms below include: Supernatural, Fullmetal Alchemist, The Blacklist, Bleach, Mystic Messenger


Rosie Holt from s1 gets her demon blood powers and decides that since she has them, she’s gonna use them. She and a gaggle of the other demon blood kids and up running around cross country, inviting non humans to join them as they put down monsters, both the non human and human kind.

Sam runs away as a teenager and ends up being assisted by a demon (probably ruby or meg). Along the trip of fleeing the winchesters, man eating monsters, and avoiding being eaten by demons who don’t want sam in power, the two become close friends. Then heaven decides to get involved.

Fullmetal Alchemist

Lust the homunculus is tired of being ‘the sexy lady’ at the beck and call of the Father and decided to take the fucker down. She ends up in resembool before Mustang and Hawkeye and ends up leaving with the elrics in tow, offering them a chance to find a philosophers stone. She ends up kidnapping, like, every child in the series into one big happy murder family. After she takes Elysia as her own, the mustang gang and hughes have to track her down using the trail of missing children. The homunculi also search for them, and they have no intention of letting any of the kids who know their plan alive.

Edward Elric is non binary and wears skirts everywhere instead of leather pants. Xe and envy are non binary bros who furiously protect the other from misgendering, but also try and murder the shit out of one another

The Blacklist

Liz is secretly a half-demon witch with a huge Hellwolf familiar. She neglects to tell anybody about this until the first time she uses her powers on a job and this motherfucking demon wolf appears out of no where to assist her in summoning hellfire

Before s1 happens, Liz and Tom acquire a Man Eating Eldritch Horror disguised as an adorable child. They love their monstrous nightmare child and whatever they can to keep the family together


Ichigo and the karakura squad are taken as a small child to some kind of training school/ government hellsite for kids with supernatural powers. They’re child soldiers and military weapons who’ve mostly abandoned their attachment to personhood when Rukia arrives in the barracks one day. The entire plot continues, but with broken down kids who’ve spent years as little more than military dogs

Soul society is in the wrong (hello, repetitive mass genocide?) and Aizen is actually trying to set up a safe space for those with unique abilities and those who dare to stand against the Central 46

Mystic Messenger

Au in which MC is actually like 13 years old or something and the entire rfa becomes Very Protective

Au in which MC is a witch/necromancer and is Much More Powerful than Mint Eye was prepared to deal with (bonus, RIka was a witch too and was the one who taught mc)

Hi. One of my characters is kind of an oddball and random at times. Could you create some one-liner prompts that he could say randomly for no reason at all?

No problem!

-”Steak knives are problematic.”

-”Let’s play spot the dog.”

-”I’ve never had athlete’s foot, so I’m pretty obviously Thriving in life.”

-”Whoms’t’ve.” “Stop that.” “Yoin’t understand my art.”

– “I think I’m going to have children as an adult. And by children I mean bats. Or anime figurines.”

-”Oh yay, socialization. Where’d I put my extrovert pants.” “We’re in public- stop undoing your belt, fuck.”

-”This paints me to say, but i ink we’ve got a problem.” “What’s with the puns?” “What’s not with the puns?”

-”I’d rather be petting dogs tbh.”

– “Time to inject the weeds.” “Those are prescription antibiotics.” “Snort the marriaghuhwannas.”

Hope these are what you wanted!

Things to say when you’re mildly inconvenienced

-“I’m not afraid of you.”

-”It’s just like being back home.”

-”Well, I guess it’s time for plan H”

breaking down sobbing “I’m so sorry! I’m so so sorry!”

-”I’ll remember this.”

-”I’ll have my vengeance.”

-”The Lord master will hear about this.”

-”For fuckssakes! Why?!”

-”You know, I’m a good person. I don’t deserve this!”

Things to say when you’ve been impaled


-Ooh! Thanks for the weapon

-Oh no, I’m allergic

-Woah, woah. I don’t think we’re quite at the ‘penetration’ stage of our relationship

-Oh wow, thanks, I had an itch


waggles eyebrows seductively If you wanted to be inside me, all you had to do was ask

-Lmao whoops

-Aah! I’m vanquished! Blehg.