Hey guys! Sketch commissions are open!! All prices are in CAD. I’m starting off with 5 slots, first come first serve.

I will do: Oc’s (with reference), suggestive stuff, underwear pictures, outfit designs, monsters ect.

will not do: kissing on the mouth, blatant sexual pictures, anything involving eye injury, complicated robots/machinery

You must: Have a pay pal. I’ll be using the invoice feature. Payment will be half upfront and half upon completion.

Have references if I’m to be doing an oc, either in drawing form or in detailed text description.

Add on half the starting price for additional characters (so 15, 22.50, 52.50+ for two person pictures)

Acrylic paintings are very expensive! Please be prepared for that if you want one (and I’m totally willing to do a longer term payment plan for more expensive options)

Message me for more info, references, or with any miscellaneous questions! I’m happy to talk!

Updated my info!!