My friend was in a relationship for a few months with this guy when she realised she wanted to leave him, and that’s when he started threatening to commit suicide if she left, telling her how she was the only good in his life and now she’s been to afraid to leave for 3 years, no matter how unhappy and drained it makes her because if he did kill himself she wouldn’t be able to forgive herself and I hate this guy so much for what he’s done to her, she’s a shadow of who she used to be

leave him

no person is under an obligation to allow themself to be hurt because someone else is unable to take responsibility for their own actions

the chances of him going through with it are very very low. He’s saying that thing because he knows she’s too kind to leave for it. more than likely he’ll just keep messaging her online or the like similar threats and eventually go away when he realizes she’s serious. he’s not interested in hurting himself, he’s interested in hurting her by fucking up her head

i have no real good advice so my advice is fucking fight him. or something. get away. honestly people like that dont deserve your emotional labour because they will drain you fucking dry