Can I have dialogue prompts between an eldritch abomination who looks like a teenager, and the sad boy he more or less kidnapped, but was adopted by the family with much enthusiasm?

uhhhh okay let me get this straight-

the eldritch abominations family all look more or less human, and the sad boy was forcefully adopted by them? Can do!

-”Maybe we could get a sitcom- you look more or less human most of the time, so it’s possible- not too much cgi.”

“Why would we want a sitcom? We’re not even funny.”

“C’mon, it’s a classic ‘aliens and humans culture gap’ humour trope. This morning you tried to eat bricks for breakfast- comedy gold!”

-”I can’t believe cthulhu is trying to cure my depression with pizza pockets.”

-”Oh c’mon! It’s not like we’re forcing you to come with us-”

“Well, I mean, you kind of are.”

“-and anyway, don’t you want to go for a picnic with us?”

“You eat people.”

-”You are absolutely forbidden from tickling me until you put back on your human face.”

“But I have more hands like this.”

-”You’re so soft”

“Stop feeling me up dude, holy shit. Humans need space”

“But you’re so soft!! Let me pat!”

-”Oh god it’s so hot I’m gonna die.”

WHAT! Oh god-”

“It’s a figure of speech.”

-”My guy, I have to admit. Seeing skinny ass you throwing the 18 wheeler was pretty damn cool.”

-”Oh my god, you’ve been kidnapped by cthulu???”

“Shh [best friend/sibling character] they’ll hear!! And yes. He wears converse.”

-”Motherfucker, you may be an eldritch abomination but regardless. I will fight you for that pizza.”