“Please, just go. Just leave- get out of here.”

“Not without you!”

“Please. We both know I’m a lost cause. Let me buy you some time.”

This exact thing just happened in my book.

oh good I didnt need this anyway tears out heart

It’s a lovely prompt though-

Ahhhh –

I just thought it was a cool fun fact-

pats u on the head

you should send me this piece of writing just saying


torture birb tell me the forbidden invisible unless you know exactly what you’re looking for torture

I love this 

this is my new reputation

~~torture birb~~

disclaimer: not a doctor/ psychologist/ torturer

I’m assuming you mean, like. Physical torture that leaves no scars?

Anything with needles won’t leave too big of a scar. Bruising and broken bones, force feeding, short-term food deprivation, mild electrocution, drug torture, heat held too close to the skin but not close enough to injure torture, isolation, anything to do with internal damage like hitting someone in the gut (be careful because u can kill ur character like this), being forced to hold disgusting things in your mouth, loud noises being played next to the ear for a long time, exposing a phobic character to their fear, right lights flashing in the eyes, binding a characters hands and exposing them to irritants like mosquitos or wasps.