If you could, could you give me some domestic fluff prompts? Like I know that you don’t know abt Aston and their found fam but I’d love to see what u come up with from what you know from what I gave u. if you don’t want to, just some regular domestic fluff prompts would be cool

aaa domestic fluff

this will be a mix of regular domestic fluff and then some fluff prompts pulling from what i know of your verse

-”Psionic powers or no, it’s your turn to wash the dishes. Please try not to break any.”

-”Who knew we could cram 5 people and a dog into a queen bed?”

-”Did you just whistle at me?” 

“You look beautiful- the blue brings out your eyes. So when’s your date picking you up?”

“First tell me why you’re holding a sword.”

-”You know, some families have a parent who randomly disappears into the multiverse. It’s just another kind of love.”

-”Macaroni art is for little kids.”

“So you don’t want me to wear it to work?”

“..That’s not what I said.”

-”We can’t get a dog until we find a child who can speak to dogs because I don’t have the patience to house train the regular way.”

-”You are not going to parent teacher night. Especially not all of you.”

-”I’m fairly certain I didn’t have this many siblings this morning.”

-”Does anyone know where the vacuum is? No wait- I expect whatever machine the vacuum is now a part of to be disassembled immediately and the vacuum returned to it’s former state.”