do you mind if ace exclusionists follow? (I remember you sayimg you believe that ace/aros are queer so thats why im asking) If you don’t want me following no hard feelings just lmk

as long as there’s respect and understanding i’m okay with it? i understand completely banning interaction with some people (if there are any alt righters following me please leave) but i don’t really understand the mentality of ‘no differing opinions ever even look at my blog’. besides political opinions can change over time but only if you’re exposed to other viewpoints- thats how you know if you really believe in something or not

i’m always going to be firm in my belief that aspec folks are queer but it’s not like this is a discourse blog. enjoy the prompts, look around, please be kind to people, and good luck writing!

anyway i keep news stuff off of here but since this is a political post anyway: please don’t forget about net neutrality americans! you have a limited time to influence the governments direction post the fcc repeal!

and canadians- there’s a few companies putting in a similar bid here to control net neutrality. take a look on @allthecanadianpolitics for more info