5 easy tips on how to run a successful writing blog

by me, a fool

this is not going to be academic, im tired of essays

1. run a queue and post on schedule

people like schedules! it gives them a set time to come back to your blog. that doesnt mean only post on schedule no no, do things for fun on ur own bonus time

but u should post a set writing thing on schedule! that way u look competent 

2. post on schedule as often as possible!

try for once a week for bigger chunks of writing, once a day if you’re posting smaller things, character info sheets, worldbuilding info ect

but crow writing something for every day?

i did five prompts a day by myself for a year straight. i only gave in and got co mods when i was working full time, about to go on a vacation, and in the middle of a health crisis. this is me, someone with physical disabilities, chronic pain, untreated mental illness, and irl conflicts

if you want to go far, commit!

3. don’t write just for the sake of being popular

i know, it looks like im contradicting myself here

but if you’re only posting just to get followers, you’re going to burn out way before you get anywhere! i started this blog because i wanted to write more! and i made it good because i wanted to be successful! these r not mutually exclusive motivations

make sure u enjoy what you’re doing, and make sure ur willing to work for it

4. commit to a theme

i run in darker, character driven prompts w a magickal element to them

sure i stray from time to time, but that’s the general mood i work for, cross genre! witches? superheros? gay shit? i use the same mood lighting. if you’re all over the place you’re not filling a niche and r only going to get stray people who r also very confused following u

don’t worry if u dont have a theme starting your blog- it’ll come to u as u practice!

(4.5- do something different! something that immediately catches the eye! for this blog, it’s definitely the use of neopronouns. this can be hard to do in writing so it doesn’t get it’s own category D:)

5. get started!

you’re never going to be 100% ready. just do it!  god knows i like to pretend the first 100 pages or so of my blog dont fucking exist. it’ll come to you as you keep going


have your own bulk tag (crow content) so it’s easy to track ur shit

engage w your followers! sure being a blog that produces just content after content is cool and streamlined and v professional, but it’s the personal connection that inspires loyalty

don’t be too nice! you’re a person- turn down requests you don’t want to do, set limits w yourself so u dont get burned out. for a while i did every prompt request i got right away, and then i stopped because it was too much work. It’s fine to change ur limits!

you’re going to get anon hate. decide how u want to do w that early (i usually ignore or post recipes) 

be patient! followers trickle in at first! it takes a long time to grow w any kind of stability

edit- also, don’t expect interaction. at all. u r a content creator, not a friend.