Hi torture Birb! So, A is a student in a terrible school from a bad neighbourhood and has no friends. He goes to a school camp in a swampy wood because his mom says he needs to “socialise”. In the night his bullies, led by B, get to him. He’s tied up, gagged, hooded and taken to B’s bungalow. What kind of tortures does the camping setting offer? No sexual assault or big injuries like broken bones. The counsellors will just tell A to man up, so the face can be damaged.

eyy so this should b a fast answer hopefully

basically u want stuff that can be done in one night, and isn’t too serious?

so for actual damage

They could remove one or two of his finger/toe nails. Not all of them!! that’s serious!! but one of two would b Very Painful but Not A Big Deal. that being said, they’d have to be some pretty awful counsellors to let that pass.

 they could also repeatedly knock the wind out of him by hitting him in the solar plexus. This is Terrifying, but not a big long term deal. Standing on his gut would be awful as well, but not stomping! just putting weight on his belly. contorting his limbs into awkward positions for long periods of time would also be scary and terribly, especially if they teased him with threatening to break his limb, but never going through with it

back to stepping on him- it could be really awful if they tried to make him wet his pants on a psychological level, even if he doesnt actually wet himself

also just, taunting him. Making him feel weak over crying, over being upset, over all the abuse. ‘it’s not that bad’ yes it is chad you torturous fuck

i think that should cover a night just fine!! Good luck!!

Hi Torture Birb! In another of my stories, a bunch of Mettatons from different AUs has been captured by the US Government to be used as soldiers. Since they’re not willing to, and can’t just be “reprogrammed” to do what they’re told because reasons, what kind of sadistic ways could President John MacLeod (totallyNOTinspiredbySOMEONE) use to have them obey their every wish? Imagine robotic bodies with human-like minds. They all have tragic backstories and form a strong friendship. Thanks a lot!




tears feathers out in frustration

Disclaimer: not a doctor, psychologist, torturer, or associated professions.

I’ve typed this out so many times it may not be very good because I Am Tired

People are willing to do some crazy shit if their life is on the line. Since Mettaton is an android, you could attach  bomb to his hull, or an EMP charge of some kind, as a threat. Your totally not at like any rl president I can think of Prez. Mcfuckface can threaten to set them off should Mettaton not do as he asks

An EMP is an electromagnetic pulse, and it disabled electronics through the power of science. Here’s a wiki article on the phenomena

Threatening to kill a person to get them to do as you want is pretty common in action and horror films, and there’s even a clause for it in the US law, I believe, that you’re not responsible for actions you do under duress, since it is such a common technique. 8/10 would reccomend.

Since your Mettatons are bonding and buddying up as well, you can have prez shitlicker send out one Mettaton to do his bidding, and holding a few more and gun/bomb point as another form as duress. This is also super common. Hostage situations yo. they’re popular for a reason.

Prez Donglord seems kind of terrible, so you can of course expose Mettatons to specific triggers- Ie. threaten the well Mettaton from earlier asks with more time in a well if he doesn’t do as he’s told. It can be a whole scene- have Prez cuntbreath have someone hold him over the well, or even bind him and leave him in there for a night and then take him out with the promise of no more well time, if only you do as I say. Rather than writing out a general list like I’d normally do, I’d recommend you identify one or two key triggers for each Mettaton and have Prez pissteeth use them against each one.

You know, if he’s smart enough to realize that in the first place.

You can also have Pres pusfucker single out one Mettaton for preferential treatment, and threaten to take away all of the good things he’s getting if he doesn’t do as Prez bilebreather asks, and even getting exposed to one of his key triggers temporarily in order to make the threat really sink in.

I’m gonna pray this ends up actually fucking posting

Still me. Same story. After the torture you need the aftermath. The Recovery. How do you make your character not feel like a pathetic crybaby? How do they recover from the pain they’ve been inflicted upon? Mostly on their own, may I add. How do you portray a recovery story that’s realistic, but not sappy? Since you already know what I’m writing, feel free to start from there.


Disclaimer: not a doctor/psychologist

First off- recovery sucks balls. Doing it on his own, Mettaton might not be able to recover at all. Brains are dumb as fuck.

Fortunately, he’s an android, so we can handwave some stuff. Put in an auto-recovery program, talk about how his coding will adapt to his new situation and begin to write up new algorithms as he becomes accustomed to life outside the box. He’ll probably never unlearn the box algorithms, but they’ll be slowly replaced by new ones as they become more relevant to his daily life.

At first, he’ll be most similar to box Mettaton. This means he might have programs that are meant to distract him from the reality of his current situation- essentially dissociation, but in robot form. Obviously, this is no longer a good thing, but those are the protocols put in place. In order to get new algorithms, Mettaton would have to really engage with real life. 

He was stuck in one position? Time to move around. He was in the dark and silence? Maybe listen to some music, engage in conversation. Since his protocols are for the box, new situations will likely be seen as overwhelming or hostile because his brain is like ??????/ UNKNOWN

Think of him like a person, yes, but also! computer. This means his recovery may go much smoother than a human beings, as computers automatically write new protocols for what they’re being used for. 

The box protocols will never go away tho. Put him in a similar situation again? And they’ll be back in command, and even harder to override.

I’m working on a fanfiction about Undertale. During a dystopia, android Mettaton is captured for defiance and punished by being sealed inside a trunk and thrown inside a well. He’s curled up on the side, his knees are folded, his chin is pushed against the knees and his arms and hands are wrapped around his chest. He stays like this for a time I haven’t decided yet, most likely six months, and when he gets out he has limited access to mechanics. Could he experience chronic pain? If so, how?

Disclaimer: I’ve never played undertale (also i’m not a doctor, i should’ve put that on my last post as well)

Okay so if Mettaton is an android, his physiology is fundamentally different than a human beings. I’m going to be going about this with the assumption that Mettaton has the same general structure as a human body and the he experiences tactile sensations mostly the same way as a human being (ie. temperature and pressure register the same general way and that his joints work the same/similarly to a humans)

First- If he’s thrown into a well, while being sealed into a trunk in essentially the fetal position- Yes, he’s going to experience a great deal of lasting damage, especially if he has limited access to repairs.

The most obvious problem would be the denting. A human would bruise or break limbs, so depending on how tough his hull is he could deal with broken parts, loose wires, or a dented outer shell. 

His knees could knock against his jaw, which could force him to bite his tongue (assuming that he has one for the purposes of speaking). The force of the knock could also fracture his jaw or his teeth.

If his arms are crossed over his chest, sandwiched between his chest or his knees, then he’s going to do some serious damage to his shoulders. Just from looking at the photos, it seems his arms are made up of interlocking segments. The place where the arm attaches to the shoulder would probably function kind of like a plug-in? and having his arms crossed in such a way would put a strain on the joint, which could end up slightly warped, which would reduce overall function.

If his arms are folded over his knees, so his knees are in between his arms and his chest, he would likely experience a similar problem, especially given he’d probably try to adjust the position of his arms. A repetitive rocking motion could cause a repetitive strain injury, and again, change the structure of the joint.

The big problem is his spine. The curled up position you’ve put him in is going to arch his back and expose his spine. Even a moderate fall could cause severe damage to ones spine, and being forced in that position for 6 months would damage his spine quite badly. the spine is made up of bones with a cushion of cartilage- even if he escaped damage from the fall, the cushion of cartilage would become compressed on one side, he could deal with nerves being pinched or crushed between the bones, and suffer from stress fractures from the awkward positioning.

Another issue would be his torso. In order for the torso to move the way it does, it’s made up of bones that connect with cartilage to offer it flexibility. Spending six months in a prone position could permanently warp or damage the torso.

Given that he’s an android, he wouldn’t have to deal with muscle atrophy, but the lubrication in his joints could become old/less effective which could leave him quite stiff.

And finally, in human bodies the longest nerve is the sciatic nerve, which goes through the hips and down to the feet. This nerve is fragile!! Having his hips titled in the way they would be could irritate or damage the nerve (again, assuming he has something similar)

And ofc you’d have to consider how he would deal with the isolation. Isolation of a period of longer than two weeks is considered torture, and can result in mental illness and ptsd, on top of the physical stress he’s under.

Really, it depends on how close to human you’re making his body. The important things to consider would be- where are his ‘bony’ bits, and what kind of strain are they under?

I hope this helps!! Let me know if there’s anything you need cleared up/ expanded on!