“I thought you said you would never let another person own you, that you would be a lone knight fighting for honor alone, no rulers, no gods, no masters. What changed?”

“Oh, don’t worry. I don’t belong to xir, xe belongs to me.”

The monstrous knight crawls toward the ruler on hir knees, bottomless dark eyes weeping ichor. 

“Please – let me be yours, let me be your weapon, wield me, point me, use me, own me, just do not abandon me without a purpose, I could not bear it, my liege, please,” ze begs, and bends down to kiss the hem of xir cloak. 

The ruler stops hir, and xir eyes are wet. “I can’t own you,” xe says, and the knight keens, recoiling. “You’re a person, not a thing, I can’t own you.”