“You’re not going to kill me.” snaps the hunter irritably, tugging at the ropes. Stupid territorial vampires. Kidnapping and tying xir up isn’t in human behavioural norms, alright? “You’ve put too much into keeping me alive- you like me.”

“Yeah. And you’re a reckless little thing, picking fights with monsters much bigger than you. You’re too soft for this.”

“Haha. Untie me.”

“And that’s what it comes down to, doesn’t it? You’re just a human, so easily caught and tamed. If you weren’t human, you’d be able to protect yourself.”

A small list of things vigilante mercenaries are not meant to do:

Get injured

Trust an employer

Be merciful

Be soft.

But there’s a little witch kid setting the woods on fire behind xir as xe runs, sobbing in fear from what’s chasing xir.

Ze’s a mercenary, not a monster. Ze takes xir with zir.

“So what?” The hero snaps, grasping the villains hands tightly “Everyone struggles at first! Don’t worry, we’ll get your powers under control together!”

The villain gave a watery smile, wrinkly xir noise as the stench of burned flesh rose from the hero’s hands, burning because of xir incompetence.

“I’ve never once been afraid of you!” snaps the hero. “We’re allies, aren’t we? Friends? I’m not going to leave over this!”

The villain pants heavily, powers traveling across xir skin in dangerous, uncontrollable arcs. Xe doesn’t want to hurt the hero- xir friend- but xe doesn’t know how to make it stop.

The hero steps forward, reaching out xir hand “Please. I trust you won’t hurt me. Let me help.”

Some folklore stories you can use to worldbuild

If You Dont Want To Use Already Existing Ones lmao

B/c I’m lovely like that

(also I’m p much making these up- they may resemble already existing stories but that’s not on purpose)

-If a rabid dog is left to die from the disease rather than being put down humanely, it’s ghost will be rabid as well, and will attack anything living still outside at night

-Mother swamp monsters will raise human children as their own if they wander unattended into their territory

-Try to collect as many favours as you can from people, b/c you can trade them to a poltergeist in exchange for a visit from a loved one who’s passed on

-Looking through a rabbit vertebrae will let you see ley lines.

-If you kill a fox mother, her kits are your responsibility. If you don’t feed them, you’ll become their food.

-If you become a vigilante and slide too deep down a dark path and start harming innocents, the spirits of criminals you killed will kill you in retribution.

-Should you take writing advice from a corvid, you should tell that corvid about your writing or they will feel unloved and not give you any more advice.

– more seriously, if you give a crow something shiny they’ll carry out a curse for you, if you give a magpie something shiny, they’ll carry out a favour of any kind, and if you give a raven a shiny, they’ll carry out a blessing. Don’t mix up crows and ravens- bad shit will happen.

-wearing the skull of something you’ve slain as a helmet will protect you, but it’ll leave the spirit of the animal free to harm your comrades.

-Those small bumps and hills in the ground are the resting places of dragons. Offer them tribute and their spirit will guide you.

Hella rad superhero au ft. Ladies

Otherwise Known As: The Crow Sucks At Naming List Prompts And Needs Help

Here we go: Create an all-lady (and nb folks & men if you want, I’m just saying ladies for reasons that will be explained) Super hero league!!!

Why all female??? Easy.

All the members will have their powers and identities based off these abstract concepts, all of which are personified as ladies.

The concepts? The tenants of freedom and the nine Grecian muses!





Kalliope, the muse of poetry

Kleio, the muse of history

Ourania, the muse of astronomy

Thaleia, the muse of comedy

Melpomene, the muse of tragedy


the muse of

religious hymns


the muse of



the muse of

written music


the muse of verbal song and dance

You can also use zodiac symbols and vices and virtues, but those are slightly more commonly used. I don’t think I‘ve seen any muse-based superhero works.

Hero villian prompts????

You’re a hero. Your datemate is a villain. You’re both aware of each others secret identities, and are very careful to never, ever let it slip that you’re dating to any of your allies. As a result, you both guard your secret identities reverently, creating a divide between you and your fellow heroes- the villains don’t care so much about that sort of thing.You have a loving and extremely healthy relationship, somehow.

You’re a hero and your identical twin is a villain.

You were a hero, once. Then you saw what the government was trying to do with the gifted members of the population and realized that to protect the people, you had to become a villain.

Your parents are supervillains. You’re dying of an incurable disease, and they desperately want to save you, even if it’s to the detriment of other people. You don’t tell them, but you’re the hero trying to stop them. Your life isn’t worth this,

You’re a thirteen-year old hero and your arch-nemesis is somewhere in their thirties. They protect you from other villains and keep ‘kidnapping’ you into their lair to feed you soup and improve your armour. This is very annoying to you.

You’re possessed by the spirit of a notorious villain, who, upon realizing xe was dying, tried to take some healthy random citizens body- lucky you. You now use their powers for good, locked in a never ending struggle for control over your own body.

You’re a parent whose child was taken by a villain. You decided to become a villain yourself and infiltrate their ranks to find your child.

You’re an underage hero who keeps being objectified by the media, and is very uncomfortable with the amount of sexual attention you receive from strangers whilst in your costume. Your arch-nemesis somehow finds out about your age and begins appearing out of the woodwork to fight you just as someone begins hitting on you

You’re a hero, and your once-mentor has become your arch-nemesis. Xe keeps trying to convert you to xir side.

More to come??

ideas for disabled superheros

as written by a disabled asshole b/c there needs to be more but it can b very difficult to write a disabled superhero w/o being unintentionally ableist

I’m not saying this list is perfect b/c im only human, so if there’s something on here you don’t like, tell me and i‘ll edit/ remove it (also if you want to add stuff please do!!)

(also to my lovely followers/readers if you want to contact me directly about specific trope, interactions, or ideas please do)

Now! Onto the list!

A blind archer with precognitive and spacial-distortion abilities! They get information about the crime beforehand, and set up portals around the area and alarm to let them know when the crime is going down. Then, they just shoot into the portals at the set time.

A person with electrokinesis and epilepsy. They’re able to notice the distorted signals in their brain before they have a seizure, and can temporarily hold the seizure at bay while they get to a safe location. Unfortunately, it’s such fine work they can’t manage it for too long, but it’s enough!

A hero with fibromyalgia and super strength! Their chronic pain, fatigue, and muscle ‘weakness’ isn’t going to stop them from saving the city!! …Until they wake up the next day with no spoons. And the day after that. And the next.

A person with DID who keeps their powers quiet and to themselves…. until a new alter starts fronting who’s going to be an amazing hero!!!! queue best secret identity ever. Core personality is Frustrated w/ all the bruises

Another DID one b/c i worry that that’s too stereotypical and tropey-  a person with DID who’s got mf telepathy and precog who’s perpetually trying to clean up their headspace

A schizo-affective elementalist whose mf arch-nemesis is an illusionist. They’ve got years of practice picking up on a warped perspective, no two-bit joker wannabee is gonna trip them up from gliding avatar-style ‘round the city!

A person with ehlers-danlos and severe tachycardia who uses a wheelchair as their primary mobility aid who can possess their service dog and goes around offering emotional comfort and basic assistance to bystanders and victims of tragedies.

More coming soon? who knows