The being whirling around the halfway house, singing songs in the Ancient Tongue, took well care of all its inhabitants, many of whom had spiraling horns, cloven hoof, and/or sharp teeth. This was a house for the disgraced, the exiled, and now the Faerie joined the house’s ranks, furious at being so harshly slighted and bitter enough to make xem taste bile. But nevertheless, xe clutched dearly to that babe, even though it was that very child that had gotten xem exiled at all. The warmth in that babe’s eyes soothed the Faerie’s rage, at least temporarily.


The Faerie planted xir feet firmly at the entrance to the little cubby in the wall, peering sharply through the colorful and writhing aether of already-eaten dreams. A dream eater den was no place for this lost babe but the Faerie had to have answers, and answers xe would get. With teeth bared, xe walked in with purpose. The babe slept soundly the whole time.