“Hey,” says the witch “Come here.”

“Who?” asks the vampire “Me, or [Alpha werewolf]?”

“Neither, I was talking to the dragon. You’re both useless at gardening.”

“Who is the Goodest dragon!” croons the witch, gently scratching at the dragons belly “Who is the goodest bird!!”

“God, what the hell.” says the vampire “It’s like stepping into the twilight zone.”

“[Witch] is a person,” signs the alpha “Xe gets happy, too.”

“Yeah but xe’s so stoic!”

“Someone has to be,” the alpha shrugs “Must be exhausting.”

“Goode, Goode dragon!” xe laughs

“Hello,” says the witch.

“Hello!” chirps the dragon back. The dragon has gone from the size of a small cat to a very large dog within a few months “Hello! Hello!”

“Is it just me,” whispers the vampire “Or is [witch] being cute?”

The alpha werewolf nods back furiously.

“You look friendly,” says the witch. The vampire is confused- ze thought that they had made the werewolf return the baby??? Who is xe talking too??? “What’s your name, hm? How about Pumpkin?”

“Witch?” calls the vampire nervously “What’s going on- oh my god.”

Cradled in the witch’s arms is a dragon, about the size of a really fat baby.

“Look!” the witch grins “What I found in the tea herb garden!”