“We’ll be alright. We have to go to the soundless sea, to meet the sirens there. And the forest of our ancestors- we need to go to the waterfalls and bathe in the springs. We have so much left to see, beloved, so we will be alright. We will be fine.”

“Yeah,” xe croaks, touching the face of xir lover with a blood coated hand “You’ve got a lot left to do. But I don’t think I’m going to be able to come.”

“You’ll be fine! It will only take us another few days to reach the witch. Ze will help us. And you’ll heal! Just hold on!”


“Am I really supposed to be here, still?”


“Am I supposed to be alive? I died- you brought me back. You- you brought me back to life but for what? I can’t go home. I can’t save anyone, it feels like-”

“I know it’s hard to live this way, but we can tell your parents soon, i promise! As soon as your memory finishes coming back in. And, [X]- being a hero is tough. You can’t save everyone.”


“You couldn’t even save yourself. That’s why I’m here! To help you. We stop the villains. We save the people. It can be hard. We can fail. But we try again anyway.”

“But- [X]. Why do you bring me back. How did you do it. I didn’t think the dead could-”

“You don’t. Want an answer to that.”

“Why did you save me? Why would you- there were civilians in there!”

“I couldn’t lose you!”

“We’re heroes! We protect the people above anyone else! Even each other!”

“Would you have left me? Huh? I can’t lose you. What would i do without you? I can’t- [X], I can’t lose you!”

“Everyone I’ve ever loved is dead,” whispers the hero shakily “Everyone.”

“I’m sorry.” says the villain “I’m so-” xe breaks off, draws the hero into a hug “I’m so sorry! I should’ve known what the league was going to do!”

“You’re the only one left,” the hero sobs “Oh! Oh! My family is gone!”