“I couldn’t do it anymore.” says the once hero, a haunted look in xir eyes “I don’t age like a regular human does- decades of fighting a war that  has no sign of stopping and I’d never be able to leave- I just, I couldn’t do it anymore.”

“Thousand of people have died.”

“I can’t, okay. I can’t go back.”

“I just don’t get why you hate [antagonist] so much,” admits the hero to xir mentor, frustrated “ze has reasons to do as ze does, just as we do. Just because I can sympathize with that doesn’t mean I won’t do what’s needed.”

“It’s dangerous to humanize your enemy.”

“It’s dangerous to not.”

“There’s no real point to it, i suppose. To continuing. But what’s the point to any of this.” the hero said, gazing at the villain. “The point is, I believe in what I’m doing, even if no one else does. So turn the public against me. I’ll know the truth- I won’t stop.”

The villains lips raised in a snarl.

“I’ve never once been afraid of you!” snaps the hero. “We’re allies, aren’t we? Friends? I’m not going to leave over this!”

The villain pants heavily, powers traveling across xir skin in dangerous, uncontrollable arcs. Xe doesn’t want to hurt the hero- xir friend- but xe doesn’t know how to make it stop.

The hero steps forward, reaching out xir hand “Please. I trust you won’t hurt me. Let me help.”