“Heck,” says the fae-born “You were lying to me?”

“Not on purpose,” ze says “I didn’t know the truth, then. Now that I do, I’m telling you.”

“Oh,” the fae-born relaxes “Oh, good. If you were lying to me deliberately we’d be fucked because I’d have to kill you.”


“You’re moonsick,” says the witch, rolling xir eyes “It happens when the full moon comes on your menses. Symptoms include eating rude people because you’re hangry.”

The werewolf frowns “Well, make it go away.”

“Sorry! You’ll have to wait out the moon. Eat some ice cream so you’re less hungry next time you get catcalled.”

“What could be more interesting than a thousand drunk, rich assholes scrambling to prove their moral worth by doing nothing productive at all?” xe says dismissively about the charity gala “I hate undercover work.”

“On the plus side,” teases xir partner “you get to murder the worst of them after this. If we don’t break cover.”

“You talk a big game,” says the vigilante, leveling xir sword at the hero’s throat “But are you really capable of the follow through?”

“What is this?” says the hero, raising a hand to lightly grip the blade “Why are you threatening me?”

“You said that we were in this together, no?” the vigilante presses the blade more firmly against the meat of the hero’s palm “But I’m starting to get the feeling you’re lying. About all of it, about everything. And I want to know why. Who are you, hero? What is it you’re really about to do?”

“Why do people always say ‘watch your back, I’ll be coming for you’? Don’t tell people you want to kill them, just drive a knife into their spine and be done with it. It’s so much easier.”

“It’s considered polite to let someone know you’re their enemy.”

“Polite – it’s murder.”

“What a mess,” sighs the hero “You see, [Sidekick]? How dangerous [Villain] can be?”

The sidekick gazes down at the ruined street with horror. Xe doesn’t say that [Villain] had been perfectly in control until [Hero] had arrived, had pulled xir out of [Villain]’s grasp. That [Villain] had lost zir temper when ze thought that xe was in danger.

How is it possible that one moment of terror had caused so much destruction?