“’Stop me’, you say, like I have ever stopped you from doing anything you want to. “

“You’re a dirty enabler.”

“Yes. So anyway, tell me about the new plot direction you’re going in?”

“I already have thirty thousand words written!”

Dude I swear all your goddamn prompts fucking exactly fit into my stories and Dec and I still cannot believe our story turned the way it did. Because of your prompts.

i still remember that time you came into the discord like ‘so about that au we were discussing… it’s now canon… gdit crow’


I started a story with one of your prompts, but then I ended up continuing the story without the prompt because actually it was better that way. (Might still put it back though) But I still have xe/xir witches and magick in it. I will probably never post it, but in case I do, how should I credit you? The question basically is, can I use your worldbuilding without the prompt? And sorry for the long ask for a simple question.

You may 100% use my worldbuilding without directly using a prompt! editing prompts (or drawing from a few different ones or just using the spirit of one ect ect) is totally cool and i absolutely encourage it if you like it better than just flat quoting a single prompt

to credit but @ me at the beginning with a  note like ‘thanks to @corvidprompts for xir witchverse prompts which inspired this’ or something similar!

oh fuck dont answer that lesbian swan ask (or this one) that was to the wrong blog sorry oops! just delete these please lmao fjejjririsjksjdjs

too late it’s cool i’ve done the Exact same thing

HEY just wanted to say that your blog is awesome and you are awesome! I love how so many of your dialogue prompts are escalation points, it really makes me work to figure out the story to that point! Thanks for the work you put in!

hell YEAH

you kick that stories ass my guy i believe in you



“I’m not going to kill you, stupid. I’m going to keep you alive long enough for you to break. And then I’m going to put you back together, all lovely and loyal.”

I don’t know what the blog corvid prompts is all about or why the tag crow content exists, but I know this:

Some of you will kink on this.

well to answer your question: I’m a writing prompt blog, and the tag ‘crow content’ refers to the fact that my name is crow and i made this content

as for the second part

why do you think I wrote this?

Hmm, how about something along the lines of ‘shady villain tries to protect innocent and weak lover’? I think you’ve done it before, not sure though

i… m a y have? i know i’ve done a few things with protective villains but maybe not that specific scenario

i’ll try and pull something together for you then^^