what’s up its crow! hi 😀

as u can probably tell given ive uploaded one (1) prompt in the past two weeks and none on wordpress, working full time is very tiring

i still have time for some creative endeavors but blogrunning in particular is very hard for me :(!

that said i’ve kept up with my art a little better (as u know if u’ve been following me on twitter) and i’m planning on doing more pokemon art prompts over the next little while! you can send in some requests if you’d like. I’m also going to be trying to learn art nouveau so some of them might get a lil fancy!

i do have a ko fi if you want to donate with your request but it’s not required! please only donate if you are both financially stable and prefer to pay for a service

tldr: pokemon art prompts! feel free to ask for your buddy!


More pokemon requests!!

If you’d like to request your own, please drop a little $$$ in my ko fi or patreon! Or, if you don’t have access to online funds, feel free to send in a request regardless (though free requests will be done at my discretion)

I love your pokemon nicknames! I have a shiny sunglasses Blastoise from the Squirtle community day named Cool Bro and he is my favourite because of his name

i love it

if i ever get a shiny glasses squirtle im going to name him papyrus.

because im undertale garbage, apperently (also only got into that in the last six months lmao?)

replied to your post “What do you think?” asks the mermaid, gesturing to xir new hairstyle….”

Every time I see your pokemon’s names in the tag I get so happy. Can we get a list??????

I haven’t named everyone yet but here’s what I got so far

Pastry the bidoof

Hopscoddish the oddish

Napkin the shuppet

Airpod Jill the whismur

Ofishally A+ the feebas

Feta the lunatone

Osteoporosis the rhyhorn

Rhinocorn the rhyhorn

Q-tip the swablu

Pikachu the rattata

Barabaraboy the machoke

Bathtub the munchlax

Dr Hoptagon the buneary

Bagonmyhead the bagon

3 Bean Chili the turtwig (gonna up the number of beans when he evolves)

Portly Dame the Wailmer

1000yd Stare the magnemite

Staticy Baby the mareep

Ping Pong the azurill

ITSATrapinch the trapinch


CursedPompom the igglybuff

that’s it so far i think… still gotta name a whole bunch of pokes

yes i did name my whismur Airpod Jill

we’re doing Pokemon paintings! Day two!

If you want to request something, please leave a little $$$ in my ko fi or patreon. Or, if you can’t donate for whatever reason, send in a request anyway (but i’ll be doing free requests at my own discretion)