If thou does consider me worthy of a few simple minutes of thy time, mine dearest avian deliverer of literary inspiration, might thou ‘crowst’ me as well? I do so verily hope that I am not, in fact, a bother.

what the fuck does this even say. who is this. why on earth would you address me in this manner? im reporting you to the police

noot da noot, steel toed boot!

does it look like i wear steel toed shoes? Go somewhere else, worm


Ducks are better than crows. Quacksting is better than crowsting, after all.

my first brush with anon hate.

Not only is this anon clearly delusional, they don’t seem to have a very good grasp of the english language, perhaps from the gasoline they’ve been huffing. Quaksting makes no sense and further references will be reported

consider yourself blocked, swine.

I. Love. Your. Blog. So. FUCKING. Muuuuuuuuuuuuuch! Whenever I try to explain it I just devolve into aggressively complimenting you.

do you like my glasses? They don’t even need anything to hold on to, they just sit in front my my eyes.

clearly you are a fellow Eldritch horror. I don’t like that. get the fuck off my blog you no eared short sighted fuck