Firstly, I would like to inform you that your blog gives me life and I am honored to have contributed a prompt. Secondly, do you know corvidcraft? And if you do, did you coordinate names with them? Or is that just a coincidence?

Hi!!! Im so glad you like the blog!! ❤ ❤ ❤ And I’m really glad you sent me in a prompt! It’s so interesting to see what people come up with

Suffering immortal prompts are always fun! 

As for corvidcraft… you could say i know xir…

lmao no but corvidcraft is my main blog! corvidprompts is a side blog that is vastly more successful.

there’s a chance i’ll create a corvidarts blog to store all my doodles and stuff but I haven’t decided yet.

pride was awesome im gay it was cold enough to see ur breath out and i still unbuttoned my shirt there were protestors but people protested back i saw wonder woman in rainbow makeup and developed three new storylines with a friend and i got so many hugs n cuddles and even shared a drink with the gf’s other gf

how was ur day?

gay prompts tomorrow! It’s pride where i am so I’m trying to queue up at least 15 queer themed prompts for tomorrow, though I’m up for more. I’m working on some right now, so throw in suggestions in the tags/ replies/ reblogs. I am doing a mix of gendered and gender neutral prompts, so if there’s stuff on a particular id u want, feel free to throw them in. My theme right now is tender moments, celebration, and jokes, but you can request anything you like.

if for some reason you want to blacklist tomorrows prompts the tag will be ‘pride day prompts’

what’s your favorite piece of your character so far (pick a character, then a trait that you really like about them)? when you answer I’ll come off of anon and answer as well.

oh man which character? i have so many I love

One thing I really love about 

Zerschmettern is her undying friendship and support for the people she loves, and her complete apathy about the wellbeing of strangers. I really like the contrast

this is a v gentle reminder directed at no one in particular that I’m not a girl

just some tags & things ive seen referring to me tend to be pretty gendered!! and that’s fine!! i’m not too concerned with it and it’s doesn’t really bother me

still not a girl tho. and my pronouns are xe/xir if you can