(to other anon) people can want to have periods tagged for the same reason as any other bodily function: they can be squeamish. or if they’re ftm it can trigger gender dysphoria.

(Period anon again) I don’t owe an explanation and I’m glad that you said as much, but I honestly see people do this a lot and it really bums me out. (Feel free to post this, or not, whichever you’re more comfortable with). First of all, I’m trans and deal with dysphoria. But even if I wasn’t, my monthlies are extremely painful and most people would end up in the hospital from dealing with them. I don’t want to see posts about periods because I don’t like being reminded of how painful it is. ½

(Period anon) It’s *not* normal for me. It’s not normal to be in so much pain that you legitimately wish you were dead and actually consider doing it, or to be in so much pain that you literally cannot stay conscious, never mind actually being able to function. I feel like people don’t understand that no, it’s *not* normal for everyone. That no, there’s a lot of reasons to not want to see it. And I’m sick of people making it personal when it’s not. (Sorry for ranting, but yeah). 2/2

hey! a lot of people don’t like period stuff because it can trigger dysphoria, on the basis of having one or not having one. just @ the anon who can’t think of a possibility where someone could not want period stuff on their dash

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does period tag discourse excite you

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