Character development questions

So these are my personal questions i like to ask myself to get a full breadth and scope of a character’s personality. Your milage may vary, but I encourage you to think about why I ask these before you answer offhand. There will be questions on sex an shit so just ignore if you don’t like that- It’ll be right at the end for easy skipping. This whole things going under a readmore b.c its long as shit.

If you have any staple questions you like to ask that I don’t, tack them on the bottom please!!



Nicknames or alias:

What are they most commonly referred to by-

 loved ones:



people who’ve never met them, but know them by reputation:


Age (both developmentally and chronologically if they age on a not human scale):

Maturity level:

Gender identity:


Sexual orientation:

Romantic orientation:

Physical appearance (i always recommend drawing this out, even if its a crude stick figure. It helps):


Most common three emotions:

General physical health:

General mental health:

Squicks and triggers:

If they have powers, what are they:

Hobbies and skills:


General backstory:

What was their early family life like, from before they can remember:

What was their family life like:

What three emotions do they feel when they think of their childhood:

If they could go back in time to do it again, would they:

Most treasured memory:

Most hated memory:

Story stuff:

Sum up their character arc in one sentence:

Write out the arc in a few key bullet points:

What are the most emotional devastating scenes:

What skills do they start with:

What skills do they end with:

What do you, the writer, know about them that they don’t know yet:

What do they, the character, know about themself that is hidden from the narrative:

Personality questions

If they were an animal, what animal would they be and why:

If they had a superpower, what superpower would it be and why:

What three existing characters in your fandoms would they best get along with:

What three existing characters would they least get along with:

What do they refer to themself as:

What do they dream about:

How do they view themself:

If they could change one thing about themself, what would it be:

What social justice issue are they most passionate about:

Hogwarts house:

Voltron lion:



What colours of clothing do they normally wear:

Do they dress for aesthetic or for comfort:

What kind of makeup do they wear:

What kind of jewelry do they wear:

Opinions on animals:

Favourite drink:

What do they sleep in:


How much emotional labour are they willing to invest:

Do they initiate conversations:

What do the main characters think of them:

What do their enemies think of them:

What does their lover think of them:

What is a strangers first impression of them:

Future stuff

How do they die:

How are they remembered:

What’s their endgame-


Family life:



Top, bottom, or switch:


What do they enjoy most:

How much experience do they have:

How confident are they:

Skill level:

How important is sex to them: