I love your pokemon nicknames! I have a shiny sunglasses Blastoise from the Squirtle community day named Cool Bro and he is my favourite because of his name

i love it

if i ever get a shiny glasses squirtle im going to name him papyrus.

because im undertale garbage, apperently (also only got into that in the last six months lmao?)



“The Truth’ll take something from you, you know.”

“It’ll set me free.”

“No in any way you want, believe me.”

“The Truth’ll take something from you, you know,” Blake said to the squire.

“It’ll set me free,” the squire replied, full of the certainty of youth.

“No, not in any way you want, believe me.”

Ariana’s heart broke as she watched them from across the campfire. She wasn’t sure if it did so for Blake, with pain in his eyes or the weight of the world on his shoulders; or for the squire, because his innocence would not last long in war.

The truth never set her free, she thought, staring into the fire. It simply imposed new rules – darker rules. In light of the truth, there were no shining knights or holy kings, no giants to fight or faeries to bargain with. One had to learn that knights were soldiers, and soldiers kill. If their scarred armor shone, it shone with blood. Few of the powerful climbed to such heights with clean hands. And the giants you killed? The fae you sold your soul to? In this world, they were all human, flesh and blood.

There was no fate, no destiny here. The squire would learn that all he had were his choices and his honor.

Blake caught Ariana’s eye over the fire, and winked at her. She gave him a tired smile back. She imagined she saw understanding in his eyes. Looking away, she stoked the fire.


oh my god yes