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oh fuck dont answer that lesbian swan ask (or this one) that was to the wrong blog sorry oops! just delete these please lmao fjejjririsjksjdjs

too late it’s cool i’ve done the Exact same thing

yay for more redbubble birds!!

sales are live on redbubble if you’re looking to purchase over black friday! Use the code BLACKFRIDAY at checkout! also apparently it’s thanksgiving in america today so congrats on the genocide americans, I hope you have a safe and happy thanksgiving!!

2 announcements from me: im probably gonna buy a bunch of stickers from my shop during the sale to do a giveaway with/ for myself/ to give to friends soo if ur excited give me a heads up so i know approx. how many i should order!!


I love dogs!! i forgot what i wanted to say here

If you’re still taking requests for merch, how about: Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the gayest of them all? (psst its me)

you asked and i answered 

There’s a sale on redbubble today! Use the code ‘GET20′ for 20% off!