“If you didn’t want to go down this path, you should have listened to me. You’re capable of making decisions, you know what you’re doing —”

“Are you fucking kidding me?” the villain shrieked, pulling xir sidekick close. “Ze’s fourteen! What the fuck were you doing at that age?”

“You can’t have xir,” spits the villain “Xe’s mine, now.”

“Xe is my child-” the superhero starts, only to be cut off

“Really?” ze snarls “Where were you when xe needed help with xir homework, when xe wanted to talk about xir days. Xe may not be mine by blood, but xe is my child and I will never take that for granted.”

“Let’s not be rash, here. Calm down, [X], I can explain everything.”

“I don’t know I think I’d like to get a little rash, a little rowdy. I mean, that’s all I ever do. Not listen to you, dear leader. Right? Mess up all your best laid plans by being foolish and useless.”

“[X]- you need to calm down. Put down the weapon.”

“No. This ends here.”