“You’re not going to kill me.” snaps the hunter irritably, tugging at the ropes. Stupid territorial vampires. Kidnapping and tying xir up isn’t in human behavioural norms, alright? “You’ve put too much into keeping me alive- you like me.”

“Yeah. And you’re a reckless little thing, picking fights with monsters much bigger than you. You’re too soft for this.”

“Haha. Untie me.”

“And that’s what it comes down to, doesn’t it? You’re just a human, so easily caught and tamed. If you weren’t human, you’d be able to protect yourself.”

The villain cradled the hero closer to xir chest, waiting for the guard to finish zir round and leave, competent asshole “It’s very different when I’m torturing you, alright. I can’t stand the see anyone else touching my things is all.”

The hero snickered wetly “Possessive bastard.”

“What if i killed your ex and scattered xir intestines across the parliament building.” said the villian, idly flipping through the heroes phone “Seriously, why did you date xir? What a dick.”

The hero threw a pillow at the villain “No murder. And give me back my phone, asshole.”

“I’ll never hurt you.” whispers the antagonist, pressing a light kiss to the hero’s lips. The hero sobs, struggling in xir soft bonds, unable to even move in this gilded cage. It’d be better if you did xe thinks hysterically, gnawing frantically and the pliable bit lodged between xir teeth.

The antagonist smiles, running zir fingers down xir face “You’ll see. You’re safe here.”