Greetings birb and uncle of birb. Just wanted to ask how your days were today! ^_^ Have a great weekend! Ciao

hi hi!!

Bird is good bird!!! Bird is happy bird!!

Uncle had a great time hanging out this afternoon!! Thakns for chilling with us guys ❤

What do you mean by crowsted? Are we supposed to ask your uncle random questions??

it’s get crowsted where u get insulted by me, as per usual. And then my uncle also gets a segment where he can insult u or, like, tell me off for being rude. We’re canadian.

uncle commentary: i am the antonym of prolific i don’t have anything to say (transcribed by the borb)


“At least xe died doing what xe loves… fucking xer lover.” (not sure if I used the pronouns right, hopefully I did)

you did! i usually use xir but i’ve seen xer as well so no worries

also that must have been some rowdy sex