manipulative supervillain dialogue


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some bonus content for y’all

-“I’m not stopping until you apologize for knowingly hurting my feelings. Everything that happens from here on out is your fault.”

-”You never forgave me. Didn’t even care. And you’re acting like I never cared.”

– ”I did some good things too, asshole. 

But you were never willing to even talk it out. Now I have someone else who won’t backstab me.”

– “There is no such thing as manipulation, only idiots who cry about their feelings getting hurt.”

– “You were my favorite.”

“But remember that one wrong move and xe’ll do the same thing to you. Condemn you. Over nothing.”

– “You want me to kill myself, don’t you? But until the blessed day when I’m rotting in the fucking ground, you’ll deal with me. Pitiful, pathetic garbage. I bet you’ll celebrate.

– “Yes, I’m fully aware that I’m a shitty person. I don’t need you people reminding me of that. Why I should curl up and die somewhere so I’ll stop annoying you. Lovely people, aren’t you?“


“If xe wants a goddamn villain, I’ll give them one.”

-”You know who this is.”

-”You must get off on my pain.”

-“You have no goddamn idea what it’s like to feel so terrible. “

-“I used to care. Now I don’t. And I won’t care until they care about me.”

It still hurts. I still hurt myself. And it makes you laugh. You love the pain you put me through.”

-”You had no intention of giving me another chance. So why should I let another person hurt me and get away with it?”

-”You don’t want to talk it out, so why should I stop? Why shouldn’t I retaliate?”

-”Xe’s making me look the the bad guy, acting like xe did nothing wrong! This is xir fault!”

-”Doesn’t my pain matter too? Xe’s making it look like this is all my fault!”

“This? is disgusting. I don’t need to look at you flaunting your fetishes. You’re my child.”

“Please don’t do this, oh my god, please just sit down.”

“This isn’t a wedding, it’s a perversion. The idea of you – of you going through this charade with that– I can’t stand here and just let it happen.”

“Are you scared?”

“Of you? Never.”

“No need to be brave, we both know you’re very impressive. But i’m about to violate the darkest parts of your mind. It’s alright to be afraid.”

“Are you trying to reassure me? Or yourself. You always were a fucking pussy, just get it fucking over with you bitch.”

“You shouldn’t have said that.”

“You know, I never liked you as a superior officer.” [X] smirks, keeping a gun trained on the Brigadier General’s chin “Girlfolk like you, so emotional. What if you go on the rag and get us all killed?”

“I’m not a girl you son of a bitch-”

“Ah, ah! General, I’ve got the power here. If you’re going to open your mouth, you might as well do something fun with it.”