What happened to submissions? Do y’all not do that anymore?

We do! But we like to keep a backlog of them so we can use them to fill in the gaps whenever the mods are too busy to get out all five prompts a day.

– mod sam

parricide (or parenticide) are more gender neutral terms for it – well, can be gender neutral : 1.)The act of killing one’s father (patricide), or less commonly one’s mother (matricide), or some other close relative, but usually not children (infanticide or filicide); 2.) The act of killing a person (such as the ruler of one’s country) who stands in a relationship resembling that of a father; 3.) A person who commits such an act 💕

AHA thank you very much anon!

– mod sam

Ok so quick question what would be the neutral way of saying like crown prince/princess while also using the word crown as the noun cuz I thought about it and crown in waiting just sounds more like a servant and now I’m stuck and y’all have the best gender neutral terms (god im sorry for rambling)

Personally, I actually do use Crown-in-waiting (although you’re right it does kinda sound like lady-in-waiting). If you don’t like it though, you could use Crown-to-be, or Second Crown instead!

(also thank you for the compliment, medieval fantasy owns my heart and I spend too much time thinking about stuff like this. and so does mod crow)
– mod sam

a while ago you posted a prompt with the gender neutral form of lord/lady and i remember thinking it was a brilliant idea but now i can’t remember it anymore? what was it?

We have a few! The one we use most commonly is Lox, but we also use Crown (as in Crown Alexandrien II of the kingdom of Whomsthefuck) and Crown-in-Waiting.

– mod sam

not sure if i’m supposed to know this and i am just being my usual ignorant & oblivious self or not but what’s the DMV and what’s a learner’s permit?

No problem! The DMV (department of motor vehicles) is the US government institution responsible for keeping track of who is allowed to drive what type of vehicle (commercial vehicles like semi trucks, personal vehicles, motorcycles, etc). A learner’s permit is a permit that says you’re allowed to drive, but only with a licensed driver in the car with you who can take over driving. Once you get a full license, you can drive by yourself or with other non-licensed people in the car.

This is all US-specific, I have no idea how it works in other countries.

– mod sam