Um, sweaty, pineapple and mayonnaise are the ONLY true toppings to go on any good pizza. Every other topping is just right out, eh.

are you from newfoundland?

You’ve returned! You fool! Now my cats will chew on you with their little needle teeth!

you fool! your cats cannot harm me!! I am greater than your feeble material plane! 

besides, all cats hold a contractual obligation to eldritch deities to act as our adorable sidekicks. They will not harm me

What do you know? You come from he land of BAGGED MILK!

ignorant fool. i live in the west. bagged milk is an eastern canadian thing and everyone knows easterners are confused hybrids of the void and despair. perhaps you should take a cultural studies course. or simply acknowledge your inferiority and disappear.

Milk BEFORE the cereal. Anything else is savagery.

what the fuck is wrong with you. this is literally the worst thing i’ve ever read. I bet you’re the kind of person who eats pineapple and mayonnaise on pizza.

Look at this rube. This fool. they think they are wise. they are not. turn your backs before they lower the iq of the whole blog.

The myth! The bird! The legend! I T. H A S. R E T U R N E D! [back in black plays in the background]


in celebration let’s do some more crowsting. If you missed getting crowsted last time, now’s your chance!!

Basically: Send me any message at all, and I’ll be mean to you in my hilariously incompetent canadian manner. bonus: I’ll do bird memes for each post as well. (not all of crows tho- i’ve got some good ones for a couple other species of avian. U gotta earn the crow.)