Saw your school post ^-^ What’s your favorite and least favorite subjects? Why?

aaa in high school my fave would’ve been art and my least favourite math!! i am a stereotypical art gay yes i know

now that I’m in university it really really depends on the professor! i’d say my favourite right now is p ro b a b ly SOC 225 deviance & conformity with ENGL 125 aboriginal sci fi a close second

my least favourite is POL S 212 contemporary political theory because it’s a lot of different philosophers and im bad at names


okay so here’s a v specific school question: most people grew up with certain subjects matched with certain colors of notebooks and refuse to look at them differently. so like, for me, science is a RED thing and math is blue and english is yellow and history is green. do you have ‘subject colors’?


science is green! like a foresty green! math is bright red, english is cobalt blue, social studies is sky blue! History for me was yellow, and then art would be purple or black

let’s play a game!! I’m doing schoolwork all night tonight SO

Everyone: Feel free to ask me, or share your own school experiences! How do you motivate yourself? What’s your favorite subject? What are your insecurities? and so on and so forth. This is something that comes up semi often in my posts and in my askbox, so let’s all have a conversation

the tag to block for tonight will be ‘school discussion discourse’ and i’ll be using that for all related posts

Ducks are better than crows. Quacksting is better than crowsting, after all.

my first brush with anon hate.

Not only is this anon clearly delusional, they don’t seem to have a very good grasp of the english language, perhaps from the gasoline they’ve been huffing. Quaksting makes no sense and further references will be reported

consider yourself blocked, swine.

I. Love. Your. Blog. So. FUCKING. Muuuuuuuuuuuuuch! Whenever I try to explain it I just devolve into aggressively complimenting you.