my sister would call my mom at 3 am crying about how her ex would threaten to kill himself if she left him whenever she brought up the shitty stuff he did. it was really awful. she eventually broke up with him when he cheated on her but he would still call her and try to corner her irl to get her to forgive him bc ‘oh i was depressed i made a mistake’. YEARS later (like… 10+) when she was getting married he called her to try to convince her to get back together with him. it was really creepy.


i fucking hate that. why are people so terrible?? that is,,, absurdly close to what my person is doing (but thankfully, it’s someone who can’t access me irl nor someone i dated)

what is that guys problem?? how do people think this okay?? i’m just


like where the fuck do you get off treating people like that just

it’s not fair