I’m not sure if you can answer this but I’m giving it a try: oh great crow, grant me your knowledge (please) I’m writing an au fanfiction but I think the main character is too out of character is there any way to tell what’s wrong and how to fix it? I’m not sure if that made much sense but thanks anyways!

Go back to the source material! Au fanfiction is hard since you’re working with a modified version of the character. Always check back in with the source material to make sure your’re basing your hc’s on the ~tru fax~ and not something you’ve put together for your au, thus heading further away from the characters original characterization

Oh mighty birb, I beg for some of thy wisdom. Please help out a lowly struggling amateur. I have a story going where character A & character B are linked. I’m not quite sure how yet. They will end up experiencing each other’s lives (especially in dreams) and maybe feeling each other’s pain. They happen to be friends. In this universe mindlinks are not at all well known so neither person knows what’s going on. Anyway B gets kidnapped & tortured and A experiences it. Help? Reactions? Suggestions?

anon your prayers have been heard and answered

here’s some wisdom im pulling out of my feathery butt before taking a nap because im Responsible

(funfact the first time i spelled wisdom in that sentence I misspelled it so badly spellcheck couldnt correct it)

Oh man there’s a lot here


a lot

I love how you throw in ‘nyway B gets kidnapped & tortured and A experiences it’ right at the very end it seems like such a throwaway line its great

Okay so I’m assuming the part you’re having trouble with is what happens to A through the mindlink? First you want to figure out exactly how much A is experiencing. Are they feeling everything, including B’s emotions and reactions to what’s occurring? Or just the physical pain? Do they get all the sensations or some of them? Which ones? Is B able to take refuge in A’s mindscape? Or does the more physically intense side take precedence over the bond, meaning A can access B but B can’t access A

Depending on how intense the connection is, I’d say it be safe to treat A’s mental state like they were actively tortured instead of only feeling it through the bond. Brains react to that sort of stimulus the same way it would react to active stimulus- as far as the brain is concerned Any Emotion Is Real, even induced ones.

As for A, depending on their character they might try to seek psychiatric or medical help over what’s happening to them, since they’ll likely think ‘medical problem’ or ‘mental illness’ before ‘soul link with my missing friend’

If B and A share sensory information and begin to commincate through the soul link by writing or speaking while the other is paying attention to their point of view, B could communicate info to A about where theyre being kept and who’s kidnapped them. The kidnappers may write B talking to themself off as hallucinations, leaving the communication undiscovered. This is especially possible if B is being tortured through sensory deprivation, sleep deprivation, isolation, or drug tortures. There’s a great scene in book 3 of the darkest powers trilogy by l.j. smith where one character keeps another sane through hours of sensory deprivation torture through a mindlink.

If mindlinks are a Thing, though rare, upon discovering the mindlink between them is real (maybe through some kind of medical testy thingy?) its likely A would team up with your police to find B since they Know Where B Is via mindlink stuff (barring, you know, that its just been discovered and the B is being tortured. Unreasonable expectations, you know?)

Anyway this is what a i got as general info from what you sent me. if anybody wants to add on, please do! And if there’s some more info you want, just send another message in and i’ll see what i can do. Have a great day my man

I accidentally made one of my main characters sexist??????? I don’t know how that happened but um hELP! Please?

Never fear! There’s actually a pretty easy solution to this!

Keep the sexism.

Sexism is a serious character flaw that appears a great deal in modern media. I think we can all name characters with sexist ideals that we still love but oh man do they frustrate us from time to time. The problem is is that sexism isn’t often written as a character flaw, it’s treated as a trait that writers don’t bother to fix. There’s a really good exception to this:

Sokka from Avatar the Last Airbender.

Why? Because it’s treated as a flaw. He gets called out on sexist comments and beliefs, and is forced to learn and grow and change his worldview, most noticeably post meeting the warriors from kyoshi island. By the end of the first season, he’s worked past his previous bigoted views (though he’s still a 3 dimensional character).

So keep the sexism. Treat it like a character flaw and you can probably pull a really great arc out of it

o great torture birb please tell me where to stab someone so it will hurt a lot but not kill them

Hi fren! I’m assuming this is for a fight or something similar?

Non-fatal places to stab include places like the outside of the thigh, the forearm, and the hand.Those are all really easy place to hit and could be possible targets in a fight. You could also try for the shoulder and the upper rm- those have arteries in them so be careful! Strategic miss lmao.

Any minor stab (like if you just catch them while theyre jumping away) isnt going to do much. Minor wounds arent that serious (almost like they’re *gasp* minor) but wounds to the bends or any bendy place suck. Also to the face- if you stab someone through the cheek it’s going to ruin their whole month.

That being said- being stabbed doesn’t hurt that much! Not if you’re all full of adrenaline! If you get stabbed during a fight, it’ll register like a punch or a blow. On a forum I was using for research, a person said they had got stabbed multiple times during a fight a and didn’t notice until someone pointed it out! This has a few exceptions- getting stabbed in the hand or cheek is gonna SUCK.

A non fatal way to cut someone but to cause some serious damage is to cut opposite the muscle grain. the big muscles in your highs run up and down so you can pull your leg up, right? So cut left to right and it’s sever the muscle making it difficult/ impossible to use that leg until it heals. You can also slash diagonally through the abdominal muscles which will make doing anything involving the core (aka a fucking lot of stuff) a nightmare

OH GREAT BIRB, GRANT ME YOUR WISDOM! (please). How do you write a character being super clingy but with no physical contact? They’re also pretty young (eight-nineish)? Idk what I’m doing… sigh… any suggestions would be great…

thanks for saying please!

Clingy behaviors are pretty common in young children, so don’t fear! I’m sure we can figure something out!!

We’re gonna call the clingy kid smol and the person theyre clinging to tol

smol may follow tol around the house. If tol moves for some privacy, smol will probably move to be in the same room as them, or on the same side or area in a bigger space.

Smol will also go to tol first for everything. If they’ve done a drawing, tols attention will mean the world. If they’re sick, smol will go to tol for help. Smol will go to tol first for everything- do you think my doll is pretty, look at the grade i got on my test, this thing happened today and im going to tell you everything about it, i want a dog

Also, if smol is really clingy of tol they might try to mimic tol a little bit. Tol doesn’t like carrots? Well now smol doesnt even if they used to love it. Tol has a job? Thats what smol is going to be when they grow up!!!

I couldnt find any articles on clingy behaviors- only how to react to them. In case thats helpful, I’ll link one here

Let me know if there’s anything you think I missed!

Oh blood bird, lend me your wisdom. How does one go about writing a good one on one fight scene between a heavily armored person and a monstrous animal of some kind?

oh mysterious anon of course i can lend you some wisdom

First off, skip the witty dialogue. In a fierce fight the only thing coming out of the persons mouth should be grunts and involuntary swear words. There’s no real point to be trying to humiliate an animal, you know?

The monster should scream. Animals use a lot of threatening techniques to be as intimidating as possible, like yowling or roaring. This is where you should put in a descriptor of how big its teeth are

Armor is heavy! But well made armor won’t slow a fucker down or reduce mobility because it’s a. well made and b. the fucker has training. The armor should be a side note unless the character gets smacked and it saves their hide

Getting hit is gonna hurt!!! Even if the armor protects you, you’re still gonna feel some of the force of the blow. Getting shot in the chest while wearing kevlar can still fracture a rib. It’s the same general principle- the harder the force on the smaller the area, the more it’s gonna hurt

If your monster has tusks those are going to be a huge no no!!! I’m pretty sure boar tusks could go through armor with enough force behind the blow. Same for the teeths- keeping limbs out of the mouth is going to be a top priority!!! you do not want the cronch! if your character gets knocked down they need to get up before the animal can pin them

Your person should have a reach weapon of some kind. No itty bitty dagger is good for monster hunting, you want a sword or a spear or something. Would you want to get up close and personal with something 5x your size?

side note- i’m looking up fighting scene references and one used an example where the womans death was compared to n orgasm and it was a Good Example. I’m. Do not do this. DO NOT

Fighting references kind of suck wtf. That being said, I like this one

Hope this is helpful! let me know if you need anything else because fight scenes are Hard as fuck

What are some deep and philosophical things you’ve learned over the years?

Do you want actual wisdom or me typing butts over and over again? Also you make me sound so old. I’m 18 man, I live at home. I’m still learning my place in the world, you know?

Anyway, so far in my life these are the kind of things i try to live by:

Being kind is a ridiculous amount of work but it comes with it’s own rewards. Don’t mistake kindness for complacency. 

A lot of standard philosophical ideologies are rooted in ableism and racism. Find your own path.

Happiness that causes others misery isn’t happiness

The world is a shitty, shitty place. There’s always good, though, and there’s never so much good that your contribution doesn’t mean anything

Any reason to help others is a good reason, even if that reason is petty or spiteful