My ex used2 threaten he was going to kill himself. He hung himself once but the rope broke, I remember the mark around his neck. I cried. I told him to go talk to someone but he ignored me. I was 15, I didn’t know what to do. He always said he wished he was dead & that the rope snapped. I remember being so scared & him abusing me. He killed himself a few months back. Sometimes I wonder if I kept in touch with him, would he be alive? Then I remember what he did to me & I shrug that thought away.


<paps the anon>

that’s a really nasty situation oh gosh

mentall illness can affect your behaviour and it can make you do things, but you’re still?? responsible for that?? you cannot use mentall illness as an excuse to abuse or manipulate someone it’s not okay. like. yeah you can be clingy but you can’t punish someone for having other friends there’s a difference, a line, and thats important.

it’s not your responsibility to allow someone to hurt you because they refuse to get help. they can’t manipulate a proffessional so thats why they keep hurting themselves and you and it’s not your fault

My aunt threatens suicide on a regular basis for manipulation purposes. As someone who genuinely struggles with those kind of thoughts myself I find this prompt incredibly important and I support it.

<lays on you> 

shit this is just

i wish i could offer more than a place to speak you know

im so fucking upset that this is so common why are people like this???

why are the prompts so angsty. are there happy stupid prompts with two characters being dumbasses.

hi! the prompts are angsty because i like writing that? there’s a ton of happy banter based prompts mixed in with the angst idk. It’s kind of my thing. if you want a blog that does entirely happy snark prompts maybe check out oops prompts

on another note a got a ton of messages last night from this person so im gonna type up a reply and then queue up your daily prompts but could the rest of y’all please hop off my dick for a minute? im having a tough time with the kind of messages im getting. sorry my prompts are reflecting my bad mood i dont know how else to write