Over on the other end of the shoppe, the witch was soothing an irate customer, who was unsure what the werewolf and vampire were doing.

“No,” says the witch “They aren’t making rude gestures at you. They’re using sign language. Seriously, nobody cares about you, random human.”

There are only a few rules to this game. The first is: Never. Ever. Talk about it.

There’s demons in the sewers calling out to cats and lost children, mermaids swimming in muck with song like grief and hatred, angels over by the bus stations offering peace to the ill and eating the fever warmed marrow.

There are those who can see, the young and curious and old and unlucky, those who know, but you must never talk about it.

The second rule is: There are a lot of things worse than death. Be ready to get it over with if one of those things turns it’s eyes on you.

It’s not as fancy as war spies with their false teeth- knives hidden in the folds of your jeans or a syringe of contaminate drugs in the lining of your bra will do just as well, really. It’s better. And if you’re in the know, you should be beyond fear, anyway.

The third is: that kid over on fifth street should not exist.

Some folklore stories you can use to worldbuild

If You Dont Want To Use Already Existing Ones lmao

B/c I’m lovely like that

(also I’m p much making these up- they may resemble already existing stories but that’s not on purpose)

-If a rabid dog is left to die from the disease rather than being put down humanely, it’s ghost will be rabid as well, and will attack anything living still outside at night

-Mother swamp monsters will raise human children as their own if they wander unattended into their territory

-Try to collect as many favours as you can from people, b/c you can trade them to a poltergeist in exchange for a visit from a loved one who’s passed on

-Looking through a rabbit vertebrae will let you see ley lines.

-If you kill a fox mother, her kits are your responsibility. If you don’t feed them, you’ll become their food.

-If you become a vigilante and slide too deep down a dark path and start harming innocents, the spirits of criminals you killed will kill you in retribution.

-Should you take writing advice from a corvid, you should tell that corvid about your writing or they will feel unloved and not give you any more advice.

– more seriously, if you give a crow something shiny they’ll carry out a curse for you, if you give a magpie something shiny, they’ll carry out a favour of any kind, and if you give a raven a shiny, they’ll carry out a blessing. Don’t mix up crows and ravens- bad shit will happen.

-wearing the skull of something you’ve slain as a helmet will protect you, but it’ll leave the spirit of the animal free to harm your comrades.

-Those small bumps and hills in the ground are the resting places of dragons. Offer them tribute and their spirit will guide you.