“You should bring your friend!” chirps the relative stranger “It’ll be fun, you know? A night at the bar, just us first years!”

“Uh,” says the succubus “My friend?”

“You know, [Angel]! You two seem like really good friends.”

“Yep.” says the succubus “That’s one way of putting it. Friends. Totally platonic.”

“What happens when it’s time for you to go home?” asks the succubus

“Hm?” the angel hums “What do you mean? I go home.”

“I mean, is it going to be okay?” the succubus says slowly “You’ve been sleeping with me, keeping me fed-”

“You’re wondering if I’m damned because I fuck, and I fuck demons?” laughs the angel “Because I,” the angel kisses the succubus’ cheek “Love,” xe kisses zir nose “You?” xe kisses zir lips, gently “Is there anything more holy than to help and love?”

“Hey,” says the angel “Check it out.”

At the base of xir shoulder blades, the place where xir physical vessle begins to thin and the succubus can see into xir True self, little downy feathers cover the space where xir wings are supposed to extend from.

They’re red.

The angel has never had red feathers before.

“I think I’m growing,” says the angel “I think I’m changing.”

“You look at me like you’re asking for forgiveness, did you know that?” says the angel, leaning in close “[Succubus], I can’t offer you benediction.”

“I’m a creature of the damned,” agrees the succubus lazily, but the angel cuts xir off

“Of course not.” says the angel “You’re a creature. A being. There’s no such thing as an inherent sin. I can’t offer you benediction because I gave that away to be with you.”

“Hey, angel?” the succubus starts, softly because it’s the middle of the night and the angel is pretending to sleep. It’s totally not because xe’s nervous, of course not.

“Mmphf.” the angel grunts, slitting open an eye reluctantly “hnph?”

“How come you’re helping me? I get you’re the ‘liberal cousin’ or whatever, but this isn’t just… not turning me in.”

“Mpph.” the angel hums “Because.”

“Don’t cry,” says the villain, thrusting a handkerchief at the sobbing hero “It’s unbecoming. And gross.”

The hero snorts a bunch of snot into the handkerchief. It’s one of those expensive cloth ones “I hope- hope you know I can’t give this back now.” xe sniffs “Because dna, and stuff.”

The villain frowns. Ze hadn’t thought of that. That would have been an excellent (if disgusting) way to figure out the heroes identity. Also fuck, zir handkerchief!

‘Seems like we always stand on opposite sides of the playing field” says the now-villain, once-hero. “It’s a shame. Maybe we could’ve changed something together.”

“Are you still pretend to be morally righteous?” snorts the now-hero, once villain “I always hated that about you. Accept it, you’re greedy, selfish. You’ve fallen.”