“Oh no.” says the succubus “Looks like there’s only one bed.”

“Oh my god,” the angel says, exasperated “This is our dorm room. What did you do to your bed?”

“Hello darling,” says the succubus as seductively as it’s possible to sound when you’re also trying to eat popcorn “You look nice.”

“Faculty sweatshirts never look good on anyone,” says the angel “You shouldn’t start eating the popcorn until the movie starts you know.”

“We can make more!”

“Hey,” says the angel “[Succubus] are you okay?”

“Hm? Yeah, I’m fine. Why?”

“You’ve got,” the angel pokes zir shoulder “Little glowy things. They look like feathers.”

“Ah,” the succubus claps a hand to the shoulder the angel touched “I’m a demon we don’t have feathers?”

“Well, says the angel “You do now. They’re pretty.”

“Yas, bitch.” says the succubus “Do a twirl.”

The angel spins around quickly enough to make the skirt of the dress fly out in a spiral.

“Hot,” says the succubus.

“You know when you said you were taking me out shopping, I was expecting… Not clothing.”

“You look nice! And red is definitely your colour.”

“I am not a real person,” says the angel, exasperated “You aren’t going to hurt me. Take more- your aura is still ragged on the edges.”

“This body,” the succubus frowns “It’s human. I can see where you don’t quite fit.” a glimpse of feathers, a flash of a truly endless amount of eyes.

“It’s dead.” the angel grins “I asked first, don’t worry. There’s no one else here for you to draw strength from.”