hey, i know you guys have spoken about it before, so much so that its a tired topic, but i can’t seem to find it – is the use of pronouns like ‘xir’, ‘eir’, etc., instead of using ‘they’ a preferential thing? i guess i’m wondering: is it just something you like to do or does it enhance a narrative when you employ a pronoun as seemingly limitless as the ones you do? could you possibly link me to where you’ve already gone over this stuff, please? (i love you; thank you🌹)

hey! no problem! i’ve got a thing written about it here

in short: it’s partially preference, partially because it’s easier to have multiple gender neutral characters to a prompt if u can use different pronouns, partially because these writing prompts probably will be used for she/he using characters, and ‘xe’ or the like pronouns use the same sentence structure (xe/he is vs they are)

(also neopronouns are bitchin’, and a couple of the mods use them irl so why not use them here)

i am not… good at webpages, so we don’t have a permanent link up to that article on the tumblr blog yet, so there’s no problem with asking for it if you’re polite ❤

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What's up! I'm a northern Canadian artist/writer. Poli sci student by education, acrylic painter by passion.

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