I want to open a bookstore and maybe write on the side or do other art. I’m afraid that physical books are dying out though and that big companies and ebooks are taking over and I won’t be able to survive as a business or an author.

quillwritten said to corvidprompts:I want to be an author and performer and I’m determined to do at least one but I’ll keep working towards both until it happens

unnameablethings said to corvidprompts:we’ve talked about it before but im going to attend farm school so i can run a good gay farm w/ a bunch of friends and self-publish lots of stories on the internet. chickens and bees and peaches and tomatoes and alpacas, heck yeah!!!

anon, there is always room for physical books. You just gotta get you name out there!! Like that one, small queer bookstore that became popular overnight from a tumblr post. It’s a tough industry, but you can do it! find your niche!!

@quillwritten hell yeah live ur dreams!! Live both of them!! mesh them together into one eldritchdream!! just Keep Going!!

@unnameablethings my good friend with ur gay little farm,,, i love you and support ur farm,, can i come an make candles 

my grandparents on my dads side (his mom and step father) were both farmers until they were too old to be anymore snce non of their kids wished to inherit the land. you can do it too


Author: corvidcraft

What's up! I'm a northern Canadian artist/writer. Poli sci student by education, acrylic painter by passion.

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