hoii this isnt strictly corvid related, but ur fairly lgbt friendly and i figured u could reach out to ur followers? ive heard that being bi, liking guys and liking girls feels different?? @followers is this a correct assumption? id like to write something about a character coming to terms with their bisexuality and being confused about the two feeling different, so i wanted to know if this was a good angle to come from ~ thanks!!! ! ! im ace so i have no idea wtf im doing

hi hi!! im very lgbt friendly as im a big gay myself so pls feel free to message me about this stuff

I do agree attraction can feel different when directed to different people. I find in my experience it has to do with different aesthetics? Because im aspec myself my attraction is very aesthetic based, so what i feel for a very masculine person is different than a feminine person

bi/pan/ply followers what do you say??

Author: corvidcraft

What's up! I'm a northern Canadian artist/writer. Poli sci student by education, acrylic painter by passion.

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