birb, I got an existential question. How do you set off writing? how do you convince yourself that there’s something out of the words swirling in your head that sounds worth telling?

good question!! 

did you know i stopped writing for 4-5 years solid because of this? because i thought everything in my head was just clutter, and i couldn’t get it to sound right on paper. I felt like everything was just noise and i should let it spin and spin until it left me alone.

i still don’t know how to set it off exactly. How to tell a story and stick to it. I’m as much a beginner as a lot of you, maybe even more, when it comes to actual storytelling. But!! I don’t need to start with a story!! 

this blog was the beginning of my writing journey!! just a line here or there that I thought meant something! Or that could start an idea! all these little lines and fragments have worth to me, and if i put them out to the world, then they could having meaning to a bunch of you guys as well!!

If you’re having a tough time telling a story or finding meaning in your words, why not start a blog? and just write a line every so often. or a paragraph. a synospis. Just the little bits you like the shape of. Create something!! It doesn’t need to be big! And then put it out in the world!! it gets easier with practice! and then you can find your voice and the plots you like to work with; the little worlds that connect all your little ideas into something big!! there’s meaning in every word inside your head dear anon! you just need to make it real first.

take ur clutter and throw it fucking everywhere!! some of it’s gonna stick exactly where you want it. i know it seems really gosh darn hard to express an idea, so tell it in little pieces first, and then you can put the big parts together later. time is your friend when it comes to writing, because the more of it you use the better your writing is going to be. if you only write one sentence a day, then you’re still one sentence better than yesterday. don’t get discouraged. keep creating. you’re gonna do great things friend

Author: corvidcraft

What's up! I'm a northern Canadian artist/writer. Poli sci student by education, acrylic painter by passion.

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