Crow mom crow mom I have a story with a superhero and a supervillan fall in love with eachother but how can I make it beliavabe that they go from “I hate you” to “Oh god no I love them” thanks to their inyeractions?? Like what interaction would they have (not involving they secret identities) that would make the fall for eachother?

oh god oh god ho gfod

okay so i have a similar story in the works so i will try to help you but please remember. I am aromantic. I have no idea what’s happening

the first step is they can’t be too morally dissimilar!! Either the villian has to be close to good, or the hero has to be close to bad, or they both fit right in along the middle of grey! If a hero is v anti killing they can’t b with a mercenary, and if the villian is too sadistic, the heros sweetheartedness might turn them away ect ect.

Step 2!! make sure they get time together that isnt fighting. maybe they get stuck in a closet, or the hero is kidnapped an needs rescuing, whatever works! Just time that isn’t physical violence!! My favourite involves the hero dragging the villain to their favourite night nurse who helps them on the down low.

step 3~ tension!! of the platonic, romantic, or sexual kind!! Make sure they enjoy eachothers company and even plot out time to chill beat the snot out of one another. I am not good at this. Just, make them crave each others presence. Gayly. Or not gayly. I don’t know. but not in a drug way coughtwilightcough that’s bad

step 4. Identity reveal. Have this b the key turning point from beating eachother up buddies to buddies who chill and also beat eachother up. Maybe there can b cheek kissing! cuddling! platonic affection verging on something else! that thing where someone’s shirt rides up and they other has to tear their gaze away from the strip of skin at their belly

step five: smooch?? i assume smooching comes here idk i always use hand-holding as my relationship euphemism b.c kissing is nasty. but smooch.

also!! Have them make moral sacrifices for each other!! The villian ignores a mission to please the hero!! The hero lets the villian go free once or twice!! have them b interested in what makes the other tick and how they can accommodate their differences

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What's up! I'm a northern Canadian artist/writer. Poli sci student by education, acrylic painter by passion.

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