Hey there, how’s about some dialogue prompts between a shy, book-loving knight and his badass female friend who’s secretly a huge dork?

sure!!! also fair warning i grabbed hold of the ‘reads a lot’ thing and ran with it like the fucking wind

-”Oh my god is that a new book already?” she snorts “Seriously, that’s the third in as many days.”

“I’m not doing anything else.”

“We’re hunting a dragon.”

-The knight valiantly tries to ignore the sharp ache in his shoulder, caused by [friend’s] chin as she furiously reads over his shoulder. He’s pretty they’re about to get to the twist- he can’t afford to be distracted by her crushing him.

-So far today she’s already had to save him from walking into a tree thrice, tripping over a root, walking off a dock and into the harbour, and from walking into a bandit’s camp Thank goodness for [friend], god knows how he’d read while traveling without her.

-”Oh my god, you think they’re cute right?” she asks, rolling her eyes “so go flirt, god knows you’ve read enough romance novels.”

“I’m more of an action guy and- stop pushing me- I mean. Look at them.”

“I am. You’ve got great taste.”

-”I can’t believe we’ve been captured.” 

“I know! I hadn’t even finished my chapter!”

-”I can’t believe xe challenged me to a duel! Xe could barely hold a sword!”

“I don’t think xe thought you were a real knight, is all.”

Thanks [friend], you’re a real pal.”

-”Please stop beating people up for me.”

“Someone needs to defend your honour sir-reads-a-lot.”

“You can do that in other ways than harpy-shrieking and smacking the snot out of civilians.”

-”Oh no, I just don’t like most other knights. They’re loud and aggressive, mostly, and more than a few have stolen my books.”

“What about your friend over there? She don’t seem like the quiet sort.”

“Oh, [friend]? She’s awesome. I’d kill for her.” he blinks “I mean, not in like, a treasonous way-”

-”Gods, how do you fight in this armor?” she grumbles, fiddling with the straps of her gauntlets “It weighs, like, fifty pounds.”

“It’s not like you never wear armor.”

“I’m more a toughened cow-hide kind of gal. See if I ever carry your bags for you again”

Author: corvidcraft

What's up! I'm a northern Canadian artist/writer. Poli sci student by education, acrylic painter by passion.

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