@tirefirespectacular this is the most goddamn dystopia thing i’ve ever read like seriously??? civilians are expected to do this in their day to day lives?? no

what the fuck america what the fuck.

aren’t most flags made of plasticky shit anyway? why would you burn it?? just dust it off???

Okay I LIVE in America and I don’t understand it. People will yell at third graders for letting it touch the ground when they’re raising it at sunset camps.

please help america i think it’s confused

don’t yell at children for something that should be explained

It’s considered disrespectful. I don’t know if this has been said in this strip before but if you fly an American flag you can do one of two things: you take it down at night, or you put a spotlight on it so that it can be seen at night.
It’s some weird shit but in some states, you can be fined and even arrested for flying an American flag at night w/o a spotlight on it. They don’t do that stuff with individual state flags.
+ if it gets ripped you have to retire it and get a new one; especially if the flag is being flown in a public place (schools, libraries, etc.)

what the fuck

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